Wednesday, April 1, 2015

an amusing knitting related story

    To begin with, my Hubs had surgery on his hand in December and spent nearly three months home with me recuperating. I was concerned that it would drive me crazy having him home with me. It turned out to be a really wonderful time.

    So, while he was home, he was able to take care of some things. Nothing physical, which really frustrated him, but stuff got done that needed doing. One day, he and our son had to go to the local County Clerks office. As soon as they got their ticket, their number was called. They went up to the indicated window, and the woman behind the counter was occupied counting dollar bills. My Hubs, being essentially evil, began counting, just loud enough that she could hear him. He was trying to mess her up.

    Over her glasses, she shot him an evil look. He laughed and told her that he does that to his wife all the time, when she's trying to count her knitting stitches. The woman was not amused. When she was done with her counting, she looked at Hubs, and told him " You, I will not be dealing with!". Then she turned to our son, and said "What can I do for *you* today?" 

    When Hubs told me that, I laughed! He can be so shameless! But I was grateful for the support of someone who was obviously another crafter. That anonymous woman has my deepest thanks. And I'm sure I have her sympathy!