Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What's next?

    I have finished the secret crochet project, and I'm wondering what's next. There's still Sara's sweater to work on, but I've got a hankering to knit something different. I've been looking on Ravelry, and haven't come up with anything yet.

    I'm also keeping an eye on my lilac bushes, waiting to see if any of the three will bloom this year. I have high hopes for Miss Kim. Only time will tell.

    When I got home this morning, I was not feeling all that well. I was very tired, and decided to go take a nap after Hubs left for work. Today wasn't a scheduled day for hm, but he was asked to come in and help. So I had a small cuppa coffee, ate something, did my farming chores on farmville, and then hit the bed. I got about an hour and a half's worth of nap. I didn't want to nap for too long, or there might be problems sleeping tonight.

    Now it's time to get a move on. I have some dishes waiting for me in the sink.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Signs of Spring

    Finally, Spring has arrived, with all her glory. The grass is turning green again, and the trees are budding. I took a few photos around the house for you to see.

    This is my favorite lilac bush, her name is Miss Kim:

    She is one of the three lilac bushes Hubs gave me for Mother's Day last year. I really hope she flowers this year!  Here is a view of the budding trees to the west of my house. It's a wooded lot.

    And finally, a close up of some of the Anemone buds that are growing under our front window.

    I love Spring so much. It's getting warmer, and I can open the windows to let in the fresh air. As long as I close them again in the evening before it gets too cold. Hubs doesn't like the cold air at night. I, however, love it. I sleep better when it's a little cold in our bedroom.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

I'm knitting today!

    Yay, I'm knitting today! At first I didn't feel very well, so I just sat here drinking my coffee. After a while, I started feeling better, so I broke out the knitting. The secret crochet project is almost done, I'm sad to see that finished so soon. But there are more in the planning stage, don't you worry!

    I am knitting in between doing laundry and washing up some dishes, as usual. Or else I'd just knit and nothing at all would get done! It's a beautiful Spring day, and here I sit inside knitting. I have been waiting for the jeweler to call to tell me that my watch is ready. It's been two weeks today.  That's one reason I haven't left the house, I don't want to miss that call. I can't wait to get it back, I want to take a photo so you can all see it.

Friday, April 26, 2013

A little of this, a little of that

    Today, I exercised my 2nd amendment rights, and shot at some targets with Hubs. It was fun, and we had a good time. He says I did pretty good.

    I have a feeling, deep in my gut, that the rest of this year is going to be the longest in history. It's moving so slowly right now, I can't stand it. There are reasons why, which I cannot discuss. My mind is absolutely aflame with ideas of things to create. Maybe I should write them down so I don't forget them.

    I got to spend a few hours today with my BKF (best kid friend) and her mom. We had a good time, hanging out and then going to the mall to build a bear. It was so tempting to buy a bear, bunny, or monkey, but I managed to not splurge. This time.

    Today is also my bestest friends birthday!  She turned the big 5 - 0, and she doesn't look like it at all! Her family had set up a surprise for her, and I hope it worked out as planned. I think I was the first of what I hope was many.

    I haven't knit traditionally today, but I have been working on a little something on one of those knitting loom things. I will let you know how that works out.

    I think it's time for me to say goodnight, Gracie, as I need to go pour myself another drink.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

No progress to report

    That's right, there's no progress on Sara's sweater to report. To be brutally honest, my mind is on something else right now. But I will pick it up again soon, I think. I know she was excited at the prospect of having a mom-made sweater!

    I was so tired today, I actually laid down to take a nap this afternoon. I could have slept, but I was concerned that I would sleep for too long, so I didn't let myself fall asleep. I finally came out, and decided to watch the latest episode of Lost Girl on demand, I missed it Monday night. I fell asleep before it was over. And just as the program started, Hubs called me, to let me know he was on his way home from work.

    So maybe I was right not to nap. But now I'm extremely tired, so I'll probably go to bed early tonight.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday doings

    This morning, I went to see the brain doctor to go over the results of my MRI and MRA. It turns out that my brain is fine. And I have it in writing, so I don't care what anyone says.

    After that, I drove down to mom's. The idea was to unpack a few more boxes, and take her to Wal-Mart for a new toaster oven and to look at curtains. When I got there, she had no power! Apparently the workmen in the complex dug through wires that they didn't know were there. We did go to the drug store, but the power still wasn't on when we got back.

    By the time it did come back on, we didn't feel like going out. And we didn't unpack any boxes, since it was so overcast there was not any light coming in the windows, and it was too darn dark in there. Basically we sat around and talked all day. Then Sara came, as she does nearly every Tuesday, to have dinner with mom. This time it was the three of us. Sara brought Chinese with her. Yummy!

    After dinner, both Sara and I headed home. She was really tired, and so was I. So once again, I didn't get to knit. But I have been working on a super secret crochet project. More details on that in a later post.

    All in all, not a bad day, even if I didn't get to knit.

Monday, April 22, 2013

The Super Power Post

    I think, as a kid, everyone chooses a super power they would want. It's only natural, with all the super hero comic books we grew up with!  I have to say that over the years, I've gone through a few different ones myself.

    The first one I wanted was the ability to fly. I used to run down the hill next to our house in Lake Peekskill so fast that it felt like I could take off. I would dream about that, running down the hill, and pushing off with both feet, up into the air. I would fly around the neighborhood, seeing all my friends.

    For the longest time, I just wanted to fly. But recently, I've been rethinking that choice. Especially since I'm really terrified of the dark. So I changed my mind about my super power. I want the abiliy to create light around me. Shoot light out of my hands, even.

    Then today, I asked my question on facebook. I got several interesting answers. But even asking the question made me think about it some more . I mean, it would really be cool to make light around me, but wouldn't it be more useful, given my phobia, to be able to see in the dark? Let's add heat sensing to that too.

    I would love to hear from my readers. Tell me what super power you would want, and why!  I look forward to reading your responses!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday hanging

    Yesterday, I didn't post, I had nothing to say. Sorry about that. I'm all recuperated from my brief intense illness, and back to normal.

    Today, I drove to my daughter Sara's house, and got to hang for a while with her friends Aaron and Christine E., and their new baby girl Nora. She is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time! I got to hold her, and even made her smile and laugh. She made my day.

  After they began their trek back to Long Island, I hung with Sara and her hubs for a while, then I accompanied Sara while she went grocery shopping. That was fun. I enjoy spending time with my daughter.

    I'm home now, and very tired. I was up at the ass-crack of dawn this morning, but my poor Hubs was up even earlier than that. I will probably go to bed early tonight, as I have to get up early in the morning. I'll be honest, I could go to sleep right now, but if I do, I won't sleep tonight. So I'm gonna try and stay awake as long as I can.   

Friday, April 19, 2013

Be careful what you ask for.....

    One boring summer day, back when I was a kid, I was out with my dad. We were on our way home from somewhere, when I remarked that our little town was so boring, nothing exciting ever happened there.

    We turned up the road that went up the big hill to the lake we lived on. At the top of the hill, in the center of our little neighborhood, one of the buildings was on fire! There was much excitement, and firetrucks and everything. It might have been the neighborhood bar that was on fire, I know it was near the tiny little Post Office.

    Ever since then, I have been very careful not to say that things are boring. You never know, I could start another fire.  Until recently, that is.

    You see, yesterday, I believe I said something about how boring life was on that particular day. And I paid the price for that little indescretion. This morning, I had to be taken for medical help. It's a darn good thing Hubs could leave work. I am fine now, after we got home, I took a good long nap. Hubs has even cooked dinner tonight. I believe I've learned my lesson, and will never again utter the phrase "this is boring, nothing ever happens..."

    In closing, I would like to point out that yesterday's non-post was my own little moment of silence for all the recent victims of bombings, explosions, and shootings. Nothing I could say was more important than that.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Knitting update

    I found the time to work on Sara's sweater today, after yesterdays unending headache. It's coming along swimmingly, progress is being made. Slowly but surely!

    I have a definite length measurement that I got from Sara when she tried it on. I need 17 inches from the bottom of the armhole. I am going to add one inch for the curling up. I hope that's enough. Since the two rows of purling done on my sweater didn't work out too well, I won't be doing that on Sara's.

   The idea of the purling was to stop the curling. The curl was supposed to go over the purling, but it didn't work out that way. Oh well. It's my sweater, and I am OK with it.  I want my beautiful daughter to be proud of the very first sweater I've made for her. Over the years, I've crocheted many afghans, but this is my first knitted sweater for her. Let's keep our fingers crossed that she likes it, and will wear it!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A curious development

   As some of you may know, I have Pulmonary Sarcoidosis, and Asthma. I take a few prescription drugs to help me breathe. Note: I just added the Asthma, as an afterthought, since I'm now out of the Asthma closet.... Anyway, every single one of my medications lists "headache" as a possible side effect.

    So I have headaches. Every single day. I take three Ibuprofen when I get up in the morning, and three more when the evening headache strikes. I like to wait for that one, just to see what time it comes. It usually happens between 5:30 and 8 pm.

    Well, twice in the last week, I haven't gotten my evening headache! Last Wednesday, after a long day of helping mom move, I got home, took a shower then made dinner. I realized as I went to bed that my regularly scheduled headache hadn't yet shown up. During the night as I was on my way to the bathroom, I noticed it had arrived with a vengeance.  But I was too tired to go to the kitchen and take anything. It was still there when I got up.

    Last night, at about 10 pm, I again realized that my evening headache hadn't shown up. This time, it didn't come during the night, but I did wake up with a whopper this morning. I took my morning Ibuprofen, but the headache wouldn't let go. I ended up going back to bed about 10 am for a nap. I feel better now, but I am wondering if this is a sign of things to come. I sincerely hope not. I'd rather have an evening headache then getting one in the night, or waking up with it in the morning.

    And next week I'll find out the results of the MRI they did on my brain. Yay, something to look forward to!

   P.S. Another day of no knitting. Not feeling so good today, I might go back to bed again....

Monday, April 15, 2013

At last, knitting time

    Finally, about 5 pm last evening, I picked up my knitting and started in. I think I went around a couple of times. Then Hubs came home, and I put it down. But I took it with me to child-sit this morning, and worked on it some more. So I'm getting there.

    Today, I may knit some more. When I took the sweater for Sara to try on, she remarked that by the time I would finally finish it, it will be well into Summer, when she wouldn't be able to wear it. Oh well, that's the way things work out sometimes.

    I am now having my coffee, and watching Graham Norton on BBCA. Love that show, he always makes me laugh. With just one more thought, I will take my leave for the day.

    I heard about Justin Beiber at the Anne Frank house. That stupid boy needs to be reminded that the whole world DOES NOT revolve around him. She would soooo NOT be a "Belieber". Someone please kick him in the ass for me.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Who's keeping track?

    For those of you who like to keep track of such things, I think it's been at least 4 days since I worked on Sara's sweater. I've been too darn busy to knit.

   Today, however, I plan to not leave the house, to not even get dressed. I am going to have my coffee, and knit. Then do some laundry, and knit. Then wash some dishes, and knit some more. I might even have lunch and knit. It's going to be a veritable knitting love fest.

    Well I didn't get to stay home all day, I made myself take back two big garbage bags of water bottles. I got $5 for them. And with that, I was able to get more half and half. And I haven't knitted a single stitch yet. I just don't feel like it. Right now, I think I'll start some laundry...

Saturday, April 13, 2013

A day of adventures

    This morning, after having my coffee and taking my meds, I once again headed down to Fishkill to mom's house. There are quite a few boxes to unpack, and some things in the old apartment that she needs me to bring over to the new apartment.

    We unpacked two boxes of food, and rearranged a few shelves of food already put away. Mom made a list of things for me to get from the old apartment while I ran into the Village to get my Hubs some cigars and take a watch to be cleaned/repaired.

    My mom gave the watch to me last week, when I was there helping to pack, pre-move. It was her grandmother's watch, and she remembers her grandmother wearing it when she was a child. I fell in love with the watch. It looks very Art Deco-ish. I took it to a man in Fishkill, who I know would know how to deal with it. He told me it is from approximately 1910. He can clean it up and make it so it works. He will call me in about two weeks.

    I am absolutely thrilled! Like I said, I love the watch, and it fits me. Right now, I wish I had taken a photo of it. Oh yeah, my great grandmother's initials are engraved on the back. E L B. My mom said her name was Edythe Lenore Berry. Her maiden name was Chapman.

    I can't wait to get it back! I will wear it with pride, I can assure you. I just have to remember to take it off then I take a shower or wash dishes. I'm not used to wearing a watch.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Pizza for dinner

    All my life, I have been a pepperoni girl. Loved, loved, loved pepperoni. Over the years, we have occasionally ordered different toppings on our pizza. Sausage, meatball, and some I can't even remember. But pepperoni was the king of toppings.

    This past January, Hubs and I were again contemplating a pizza for dinner. As we perused the menu from our favorite pizza joint, T n F Pizza, we decided that pepperoni was getting old. I was reading down the list of possibilities, when one caught my eye. "Oooo..." I said, "Bacon!". Hubs agreed that bacon sounded awesome, and he remarked, "Extra cheese and bacon!" To which I whole heartedly agreed. We ordered one, and it has become our favorite pizza.

    Now, last week, we went shopping at Sam's Club, and bought a three pack of 1 pound packages of bacon. Later that night, as we were putting things away, we went down to the freezer, and discovered that we had no less than eight pounds of bacon already in the freezer! Then I found one in the upstairs freezer too. These, plus the three pounds we just bought, makes a total of twelve pounds of bacon in the house.

   We also bought a three pack of DiGiorno frozen cheese pizzas that trip. Today, I thought we should cook up some of that bacon for dinner. Then I thought some more, and decided to put it on a frozen cheese pizza for dinner, thus making our own bacon cheese pizza.

    Here is what it looked like when it came out of the oven.

    It's too bad that looks can be so deceiving. The bacon, of course, was awesome, but the pizza wasn't. I think we should get points just for trying, what do you think?

Thursday, April 11, 2013


    I slept like a rock last night, and I'm stiff and sore today. Mom's phone still isn't turned on. She lost some cable channels last night, but I think that's been fixed. She's really unhappy with the movers. There was a lot of stuff that they didn't move.

    I told her that they aren't going around picking up random stuff, it was all supposed to be in boxes. They even told her, if it's not boxed up, they aren't taking it. Oh well, at least she didn't have to have all her stuff out in the one day. She can take all the time she needs to get it all out.

   Today, I had an MRI of my brain. Of course, I'm worried. I have at least two headaches every day, and I'm used to it now, since every one of my medications lists headaches as a possible side effect. But when I saw the Neurologist last week, she wasn't happy about the headaches. She thought the steroid I take should take care of that. I figured it's too busy in my lungs.

    So there I am, laying on a table, and they slide this cage over my head after putting earphones on me. Because apparently it gets pretty loud inside the machine. I opted for the music in the headphones. Once this procedure started, I could hardly even hear the music! The noise was extremely loud, even with the headphones on.

    After about 40 minutes, and pulling me out twice; once to inject some dye into me, it was all over. I was very grateful that Hubs had come with me, and that I didn't have to drive home. I decided it was time to blog this evening when I got my daily evening-time headache. It comes anywhere between 5:30 and 9 pm. I usually wait for it to strike before I take the Ibuprofen. And it does strike suddenly.

    I even laid down this afternoon, and took a three hour nap! Today was the second day in a row, that I couldn't have my coffee. At least today, I got to have some after I got back from the MRI. I had to fast for four hours before the test. I decided last night that if I got up before 7 am, I could have one cup of coffee. But when I woke up, it was 7:05. SHIT. No coffee for me.

    You really don't want to see me without my coffee, especially on the second day!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Moving Day

    Today was moving day for mom. I was there by 10:30 am, the movers were due at 1 pm. My favorite son-in-law was there already when I arrived. We did what we could to pack things up.

    It's all over now, she's about 95% moved. There is no rush from the apartment complex office. She had to wait almost sin months for the place to be done, so they told her she could take as long as she needed to get all her stuff out.

    Sara left work early, to come and organize everything. She's the organized one in our little family. Mom was stressing out big time, so Sara sent her to her friends apartment to get her out of the way.

    At one point, son-in-law came in and reported that mom was back hanging around the empty apartment. I was voted to go take her back to her friends. They thought I was the only one she would listen to. I drove her back to Carol's, and told her in no uncertain terms to stay there until someone comes to get her.

    That gave us time to get make her bed up, get her living room all straight, and make sure she wouldn't have to do anything before bed. She could just sit and relax and watch her shows. Then go to bed whenever she wants.

    She was thrilled at how her new place looks Don't get me wrong, there are still tons of boxes to unpack. We will be visiting her more often, until it gets done. Now she's in a basement apartment, on the same floor as the laundry room. She's thrilled about that too.

    So I'm exhausted, since I've been up since 5:30 this morning. And I've been going all day. So I'll see you all tomorrow! I'm going to bed soon! 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dang it all

   Well, dang it all, I missed another fracking day. I was busy again yesterday. Hubs decided to go down to the house in Fishkill, and I was going with him. He thought I should go to mom's and help her pack more. He was right, as usual. So he dropped me off, and we got some more packing done.

    After he picked me up again, we went shopping at Sam's Club. There were some things we were running low on. We ended up spending more than I thought, so I decided not to ask for more pistachio nuts. He noticed, and mentioned it. I told him I felt bad about the cost of our purchases, and he said it would have been OK. I really don't need to have them, anyway. The granola diet seems to be working.

   I've also been so busy, I haven't had time to take any photos! And it looks like I'll be busy the rest of the week too. Tomorrow is mom's moving day, so I'm expected there most of the day. Thursday I have an MRI scheduled. And Friday, all I have is Stitch n Bitch, but anything could change at the last minute.

    As for my crafting, I got a lot of knitting done this morning, when I escorted my friend's mom to the doctors office. Their car has broken down. After that, I picked Bonny up and we went down to the craft store, where I got some yarn to make my mom a half circle crocheted rug, for in front of her sink in the new apartment. I have started it already. I was going to use a P size hook, but it was too loose. So I went down to an N size. Still too loose for me. I ended up with a K size. And I am using two strands of cotton yarn. I like it better now, it's tighter, still soft and a bit cushy.

    Hopefully one of these next few days I won't be too busy, and I can finally take some photos! Let's all keep our fingers crossed!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Life/Craft Updates

    Sweater - I took the sweater to Sara's house this afternoon, so she could try it on. It fit! So now I can keep knitting on it. I also thought to measure from the armpit stitches down to how long she wants it, so I have a reference point. It will be 17 inches from the pit stitches to the bottom.

   Circle Sweater - I put the armholes in the other day, and I've done maybe two rounds since then. Right now, it's on the back burner, so I can knit on the other one.

   Camera - I broke down and bought the new battery for the camera today. Since it's supposed to be nice tomorrow, I will take some update photos.

    Taxes -  They are all done and sent in. We e-filed those suckers. This year he pulled it off without a single thing being thrown, and minimum swearing.

    As I mentioned at the beginning, I went to Sara's house today. She showed me the new island in the middle of her kitchen. It's nice, and has two stools underneath to sit on. I sat and watched, while she made guacamole. My heart swelled up with joy, just watching her in her kitchen, all homemakery and shit. I loved it.

    So look for new photos tomorrow!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Living a spontaneous life

    I learned a long time ago, that when I made firm plans for anything, that something, somehow, would frack the whole thing up. So I try to live spontaneously. I know that there are certain things that you have to plan. Like Doctor appointments and stuff like that. But I try not to plan too many things. I like to do what comes along.

    As a side effect of this, sometimes there are times that you have to do many things in a single day. Yesterday was one of those days for me. It started out innocently enough, with the Stitch n Bitch ladies meeting for breakfast and knitting/crocheting.

    Thursday, I was supposed to go to my mom's and help her do some more packing for her move next week. I ended up not going, I really didn't feel well. So I told her I'd come on Friday, after Stitch n Bitch.

    Then I got a phone call, and had to squeeze a meeting in between these two things. After the meeting, I was to call mom, and I did some shopping for her. Mom took me over to see her new apartment. It is small, but beautifully finished, and she will be very happy there. In the end I finally got home, somehow, before Hubs got home from work. I was so tired, I went to bed without even writing a post for the day.

     As I am writing this, it doesn't seem like much to squeeze into a single day. But somehow, it was huge at the time. Considering that going to get the mail, or taking out the garbage, is usually the highlight of my day, doing that many things in one day, not to mention all the driving, was a lot to do. I drove from Hyde Park to Wappingers then to Fishkill, and back home again.

     But today, I am back to being spontaneous. I am going to lounge and then go out and run a few errands. I want to enjoy the beautiful Spring day.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Learning something new....

    For this crocheted sweater, I have to learn something new. It's a foundation double crochet. In which you do double crochets while at the same time, you are making the foundation chain. I've been watching how-to videos on you tube, and some are very confusing. But I think I might have the hang of it now. It's supposed to be better than just chaining across for the sleeve hole, then working the doubles into that chain the next time around. We'll see. I need to practice some more.

    This weekend, I may be absent. My beloved Hubs will be using my laptop to do our taxes. So, I will be avoiding him most of the weekend, as he tends to swear a lot and throw things while doing this particular activity. I really miss the days when we paid someone to do them for us. The first guy we had, the year came when we couldn't find him. It turned out that he was in jail. Not related to tax preparation activities...

    Then we had a very nice young lady doing them for us. After a few years, she decided not to do them any more. So Hubs now has to do them himself. Besides the fact that it was costing a lot of money for someone else to do them for us. Personally I think it was worth it, since it kept Hubs' blood pressure down.

    Reading what I've written so far, I have a feeling that Hubs will think I've said too much. But I don't think so. There are no names, and nothing too specific. However, if anyone reading this knows him, don't say anything about it. What he doesn't know, can't get me in trouble. Just remember my adage, "What's written in the blog, stays in the blog."

    I was supposed to go to mom's today, to help her finish up her packing. Yes, her apartment is finally ready! She will be moving next Wednesday. Anyway, I am not feeling well today, so I'm going to stay home and take it easy.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Knitting and crocheting news

    I haven't worked on Sara's sweater since we got back from Massachusetts. I think it's time for her to try it on. While that project is on hold, I took a few days for myself. But Monday, I went to see my friend Bonny, who needed my help with a sweater she's currently crocheting.

    I got there, and helped her, and saw the amazing sweater she's working on. I liked it so much, I asked her to copy the pattern for me. I went back and got it yesterday, and started working on it last night. At first, of course, I had to stash dive to see if there was any yarn in there I could use for this new sweater. I found more than enough of Simply Soft, a skein of white and three skeins each of light gray and dark gray. Right now, I'm very broke, and not having to buy yarn is a plus. I decided to use what I had.

    The pattern is basically a big giant round circle, with holes for the arms. You go back after the body, and make the arms. This version is called the Pinwheel Sweater, and it's someones crocheted version of a circular knitted sweater. The crocheted version was a free pattern, Bonny found it on Crochet Pattern Central, I think.

    Now, the pattern that Bonny gave me has holes in it. I started making the sweater according to the pattern. After 4 or 5 rounds, I stopped and took a good look at it. I decided I didn't like it with the holes. So I frogged it, and started over, with the standard circle pattern from Lion Brand Yarn's website. It'll be easy enough to do without the holes, as I've made that pattern before.

    Note: on the Lion Brand site, the pattern is for an afghan. I've made it as an adult size, and a baby size afghan.

    I am using the white in the center, then going to the light gray, then the dark. I decided not to make it all stripey, just solid "blocks" of color. So it will look more like a target. Bonny's  has the holes, and she's making it all stripey. It's really very pretty. I can't wait to see it all done.

    I was going to take some photos for you today. I had my circle all laid out and smooth, then I couldn't find the camera. It took me a few minutes to remember where I had put it. I found it, and turned it on. Or, rather, tried to turn it on. It seems the battery is dead. AND being broke, I don't have the money to go out and buy another battery. They are kind of expensive.  So you are out of luck for now. Hopefully soon, I can buy a battery and take some photos of the crocheted sweater.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Fear of flying

   I have that. The first time I flew as an adult, we went to Florida. It was for a vacation at Disney World, and Jesse had a tournament there. We went with my mother-in-law, she had a friend who worked at Disney and got us a real deal on the rooms. I really loved the Coronado Springs Resort. 

    The very first time I flew was as a teenager. I flew back from Florida after visiting my Aunt and Uncle. That was a pleasant experience, there were so few passengers, I sat sideways with my legs across all the seats all the way back to NY. That wasn't horrible at all.

    Anyway, the flying. I hated it. It wasn't the flying itself, but the conditions in which I was flying that I hated. Those conditions included, but were not limited to, being condensed together with my fellow passengers like sardines. Unpleasant fellow passengers. Not being able to sit next to my Hubs. That was a really big deal for me. I was terrified, having not flown for a really long time.

       Lucky for me that when he got sent to Austin, Texas for training for work, he didn't use the company web site to book his flight. If he had, we would have had to fly separately. Different days, and everything. I told him if I couldn't fly with him, I wouldn't go. So he arranged it. He really is the best husband.

    The last time we flew, it was to Austin. It seems that every time I fly, the experience gets a little bit better. I still don't want to, but I will if I have to. Thank the Goddess for pharmaceuticals.

   P.S. Yesterday's post was my 600th! I just noticed that. I'm amazed. And thanks to all of you who read my adventures!