Friday, August 31, 2012

I Found Some of the Promised Photos!

    I found some photos that I had promised to post when I found them. First up is my 3rd tattoo. At the time, I couldn't find a photo of it, but last night I found a good one!

   Remember the post about my dad? I couldn't find a good photo of him. I asked my daughter, following her advice, I checked all her photos on facebook. It turns out that she had a pretty good one there! And here it is for you to see! Although he usually had facial hair. I prefer that look! And the baby in the photo is my daughter Sara, she must have been about a year old.
And lastly, at least for today, is a photo of my favorite baby blanket to make.
  This is the one I shall be making for Sara's friend. I did have a thought though. Maybe instead of making it all pointy, I shall make it in the round. No points. I will have to think on that one, probably ask Hubs' opinion. This is also his very favorite blanket.

Not Just Another Day

    No, it wasn't. Today was my birthday. I had a pretty good one, nice and quiet, just like I prefer. I got to hang out with Hubs this morning, then tuck him into bed. I babysat for Miss Malia, then later on, after Hubs went to work, My good friend Kim and her Cherub came over.

    Cherub swam, and performed a Vegas showgirl act while wearing my lemon slice float on her head. Hilarious! Kim and I laughed alot at that one. Due to the cooler temperatures at night recently, our pool water temp has plummeted down to about 75 degrees. It was up to 82 degrees at its warmest.

   It was very sweet that Kim and Cherub came bearing birthday gifts! Knowing my love of hedgehogs, Cherub presented me with a very adorable figurine, and Kim outdid herself with the triquetra shaped wind chimes. I will probably put them in my new craft room. They are so very cool, and of course, match my new tattoo! Oh, and Cherub made me a birthday card too!

    After they left, I made myself some dinner, then went over to friend Bonny's house. She had invited me over to hang out with her by the fire pit. Since it seemed like it was gonna be chilly, I went! We always have a good time. I wasn't able to go last night, as I wasn't feeling very well. Thankfully I had recovered enough today, that I was able to go.

    All in all, it was a nice quiet birthday. I'm not one for excitement any more, I guess that's what comes with getting older.

    I am still on a crafting break. There is nothing that I feel the need to create at this time. However, a very good friend of daughter Sara's is expecting, so I am mentally gearing up for crocheting another couple of baby blankets! Unfortunately, I have to get the yarn from my NOT favorite store, Hobby Lobby. Oh well, the things we do for the ones we love!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Day of Medical Drama

     First let me make it clear, the drama was not mine. When I got to the medical group, I walked in the door at the same time as another woman. She walked past the desk, right to the elevators. I stopped at the desk, to say "Hi" to Pam, the very friendly receptionist.

    When I got upstairs, the other woman had already finished at that desk, and gone in to the other waiting room. I got held up at the desk, so I got there after her. By the time I got in there, she had already been called for her IV line to be put in. So I had to wait again. She went first for the special photographs thing, then it was my turn. When I came out after my photographic session, she was already in on the treadmill. In fact, when I walked by the treadmill room, she was laying on the stretcher in that room.

    They gave us IV's because they inject us with radioactive stuff so they can see the blood flow through the heart better. I was wondering if I would glow in the dark...

    Listening to the nurse and nuclear tech talk, this woman was having chest pains while on the treadmill. Apparently she had had a heart attack only a month ago. The nurses were concerned, her chest pains weren't going away with rest. They even gave her nitroglycerin, and that didn't help. They ended up calling an ambulance for her, to take her to the ER. Across the street. I am not kidding.

    So I had to sit there in the waiting room for the ambulance to come, and take her away. I was wondering as I waited, couldn't they have moved her to another room, say, the waiting room, so the rest of us could get on with our testing? In the long run, it didn't matter, I really wasn't in any hurry.

    I finally got to get on the treadmill. That poor woman's experience made me really determined to do my best. Unfortunately I only lasted two minutes. The good news is that in that short time, I actually hit my target heart rate! So it wasn't necessary for me to get back on the thing. I sort of suspected that it wouldn't take much to get my heart rate up, as I have been told that my heart works harder than normal because of my lung issues.

   All in all, I think I was gone from home about 6 hours. I left at 11 a.m., which was early, because I had a few things to do on the way. I needed to get a sandwich so I stopped at Cranberry's, then I had to get some gas. As I was leaving the gas station, I realized I had forgotten my sweater. I was reminded to bring one because it can get "really cold" in the waiting room. I decided to drive back home and get it, as I still had plenty of time. I arrived just at my appointment time of 12 p.m. I arrived back home at about 5 p.m.

    It was a long day, but well worth it. Next Tuesday I have a follow up visit with the cardiologist to go over the test results. And I didn't glow in the dark!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I think I'm finally done with the skull thing...

    Yesterday, while I was babysitting, I finished my second skull potholder. Then I was stuck with a napping toddler, and nothing to do! Anyway, here are photos of the finished potholder:

    Yup, I'm such a rebel, I made the two sides different. Just like the blue/purple one. Here is a photo of the two together!

    Unfortunately, this means I currently have nothing to work on. Perhaps it's time for a break. I will let you know, and keep you updated on the crafting front.

    And perhaps, if I feel up to it, I shall report on the medical tests scheduled for later on today. But right now, I'm starving, and cranky. No coffee this morning, and no food after 8 a.m. I watched Cherub this morning, so I wasn't even home until 8:30!

Monday, August 27, 2012

And Now For Something Completely Different!

    Sometime last month, I saw my pulmonologist. He ordered a CT scan of my chest. A week later, I got a phone call from his nurse, telling me the Dr. wants me to go visit my cardiologist. She doesn't say why. I have no idea if they saw something on the CT scan... or what.

    So I make an appointment, I am lucky I don't have to wait three weeks. He can see me the next week. Then I get a call, the Dr. is sick, next week he's on vacation, and the week after that, he has hospital duty. So that pushes it back three weeks anyway!

   I finally got to see him last week. I asked him the reason the other Dr. asked for the consult. He told me they want to rule out any other possible cause for the increased shortness of breath. During that visit, I had the sonogram of the heart, I forget the fancy name for it. I also had an EKG. Tomorrow I get to do a Nuclear Stress Test. They are going to inject me with some radioactive substance, make me sit for a long time, then take special pictures of my heart. Then I get on the treadmill, to get my heart rate up, and take more pictures.

   Sounds like fun, doesn't it? But with my lung issues, the treadmill part should be interesting. The Dr. asked me more than once if I could do it. I told him I would do the best I could. He did say that if I can't do it for too long, it will still be useful information.

    The worst part, for me, is the radioactive stuff. After that IV, I can't be around little kids for 24 - 48 hours. That means I can't babysit Tuesday because of the test, and Wednesday because of the radioactive stuff. I told Miss Malia's mom that it's entirely up to her, whether I come Wednesday or not. She found someone else for that day. I can't even go hang at the karate school Wednesday evening either. That sucks.

   I guess it's all good. Better to find out now if there is a problem, right? Hubs is concerned about the test itself, he's worried it may wear me out too much to even drive home. I promised him that if I am too tired, or if anything at all is bothering me, I would call him, and he can come get me.

    Then on Thursday, I get to celebrate my birthday with my good friend Kim, and her Cherub, who are coming over to swim after Hubs goes to work. And they will be bearing gifts! Does it get any better than that? I think not!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

    Last night, at about 8:30, I checked on my blog. And I had broken 10,000 post reads!! I am thrilled, and honored, that you all have been reading what I have to say. All I can say is THANK YOU!! I never thought I would ever reach 10,000.

    That's it. That's all I have right now. Just a great BIG thank you to each and every one who has ever read my blog! I am sure I will have something on my mind later...

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Busy Busy Day, and Crocheting Too.

    Today was a busy day, alright! I've been up since 5 a.m. I got up to use the bathroom, and couldn't get back to sleep. About 6:30, I gave up, got up and made some coffee. About an hour later, Hubs was up too.

    So by 8:30 a.m. I was ready for lunch, and by noon I was ready for dinner. But I had somewhere to go today. Son's karate school was playing a softball game for charity at 2 p.m. and I was going to support the team, and watch them get their butts handed to them. They were playing a team from Waste Management, who apparently belong to a league, and play on a regular basis. The Karate school team is made up of instructors and parents, and some adult students, who don't play softball on a regular basis.

    The good thing is that all the money raised was going directly to their charity, the Relay for Life to fight cancer. So far, the karate school has raised over $10,000!

    I brought my crocheting with me, but didnt' get a chance to work on it. I was too busy talking to people. I finished the one I was working after I got home, and started the next piece! Here is a shot of the first one I finished, all done!

    Here is the second side. I decided to have them not match.

   Here is the first side of the second one, finished today, I love it!

    The second side will look like the second side of the other one, but in pinks, purple and white. The skull is the same pink as the background of this one. I'm not sure yet what color I will use for the border. I might be thinking the white. Extra points to those of you who can spot the booboo.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Deeply Personal and Somewhat Awkward Venting

    There is something I need to vent about, my friends. I have quite a few friends on facebook. Not hundreds and hundreds, but enough that I am content. I have reconnected with some friends from high school, and friends from jobs, old and new.

    There was one particular friend from high school, that I would catch glimpses of, in comments of mutual high school friends. I went to his/her page, and found lots of religious stuff there. That really turned me off, I have to say. So I didn't send him/her a friend request.

    Time went on, I still saw his/her comments on other friends posts, etc. I decided to check his/her page out again. This time, there was no religious stuff at all. I thought maybe he/she had seen the light, to borrow a phrase. So I sent him/her a friend request. He/She quickly accepted. We even had a brief conversation about what we had been up to since high school.

    Now, I have friends on facebook of all religions and persuasions. Many of them post awesome  photos and sayings that I frequently share. I even have some friends who are Uber Christians. As long as you don't preach at me, we can be friends. Post all the "God is good" and Jesus loves you" stuff you want. I won't share it. I believe you have the right to believe what you want, but you know what? So do I.

    Some of you may have gathered that I am leaning towards the Pagan side of things, religion wise. Truly, this is such a personal thing, I have trouble sharing. But I know it leaks out for some to see, especially those whose eyes are truly open.

   Now comes the vent part. This "friend" on facebook, who was such a "good", religious person, has de-friended me. I recently looked at my friends list, and he/she is no longer on it. This comes after I shared a few Wiccan themed photo things. Apparently he/she decided that I was evil or something.

    All of my adult life, I have avoided talking about religion with people. If it comes up, I don't contribute to the conversation. It is such deeply a personal thing to me, I prefer to get to know someone, usually pretty well, before my religious leanings get revealed. That way, I am not pre-judged. (There's that ugly word - prejudice)

    After all, isn't the main tenet of Christianity "God is love"? Doesn't that mean that everyone is worthy of love, regardless of their beliefs? And that is the main beef I have with some of the followers of that religion. Apparently they believe you are free to embrace a religion, as long as it's theirs. If you choose another? You are damned and going to hell.

    Many years ago, I saw a comment somewhere, I can't remember where, but for years it was posted on my refrigerator. "I don't have a problem with Jesus Christ, it's what people do in his name that offends me."

    This was a particularly difficult post to write. I wonder if I'll get flooded with hate comments. How very un-Christian that would be....

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Potholders are Done!

    At long last, the pot holders for my daughter Sara are done! I finished up the last one yesterday afternoon at friend Bonny's house. I have since started on a pair for myself. That is, if my hands don't hurt too much!

    As a reminder, here's a photo of the first one -

    And now the unveiling of the second one!

    And finally, a photo of the two of them together!

    May she get good use out of them, and never get burned! I started making the ones for myself, and here's how the first one looks so far:

    I am not caring that the purple in the variegated is almost the exactly the same as the solid purple. It makes it look a bit wierd, and you can't even tell where the nose is! At some point when it's finished, I may take some white and outline the nose.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

This Week's Craft Report

    This week, I have been busy crocheting away on the skull potholders for my daughter Sara. The first one is finished, the second one, almost done. I am up to the eyes on second of two pieces. Then I crochet them together, and voila!  it's done.

    I haven't mentioned my knitting project, it was bad, and it's having a long time out. When I feel like working on it again, I'll get it out, and have my good friend Kim take a look at it to see where I screwed it up.

    While I was out with Hubs earlier this week, we were in Walmart, and  I found some more cotton yarn that would go great with some I had already bought. I picked up two balls, and we headed on to the rest of the store. Unfortunately, we decided not to purchase anything else, so all we had was my two little balls of yarn. Of course, every single check out line that was open had at least 10 people waiting. I decided that I didn't want the yarn that  badly, so I put them down in some random place, and we left.

    Now I'm kicking myself, I really want that yarn. But I made the right decision, it totally wasn't worth waiting for so long to spend less than $5.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Problem Ring

    A few years ago, probably more than a few, I bought a garnet ring from ebay. I love this ring. It's in a simple setting with a wide band, looking vaguely middle eastern. Shortly after I got the ring, I discovered a problem with it. This problem has made me put it away and not wear it much. Actually, there were two problems with it.

    First, the woman who sold it to me so very nicely added all kinds of religious literature to the package. I find this annoying to the extreme. This fact comes back into play later. Wait for it.

    As I wore the ring, I noticed that my finger hurt after a while. I took the ring off, and there was a deep hole pressed into my finger, where the ring was. After examining the ring, I could see that the stone is taller than the setting that it's in, so the bottom point of the stone sticks out, and into my finger! I hope you can see it in your minds eye.

   Today, I spent almost an hour trying to get a photo of this aspect of the ring. For some reason, my camera won't focus on something so small. Perhaps my photographic skills need some work.

    I finally managed to get a blurry shot, but you can see the point of the stone sticking up.

   Anyway, this evening, I was at karate with my friend Kim, and showed her the ring, the point of the stone, and the depression it makes in my finger. Then I told her about the religious literature that accompanied the ring. She pointed out that perhaps the ring was intended to be like that. You know, like a celise. "My suffering is like   Christ's suffering", or whatever the idea is behind causing yourself pain.  I just find it extremely annoying. I am seriously considering taking a file to the point of the stone.

    Or I could take it to a jeweler here in town, and see if she can put some kind of spacer in the setting to raise it up. Or, I could just put the freaking thing back in my jewelry box for another ten years.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tah Dah! One Down, One to Go!

    And here it is, the promised photo of the first finished pot holder!

    I altered the pattern slightly, as it was too short, more a rectangle than a square. I added rows at the bottom and top,  as well as one in the jaw part, and one between the top of the nose and the start of the eyes.

    I am pleased with how it came out, and have already started the second one. Yesterday, when we were out, I had Hubs stop at A.C. Moore and I ran in and got a different color for the second one. I am keeping the bright pink for myself.

    I worked on the second one last night, when I couldn't sleep. I went in to bed, tossed and turned for an hour, then came back out and took a med. I sat here, watching TV and crocheting until I finally felt sleepy. I think I went back in about 2:30.

    If I didn't mention it before, this project comes from The Happy Hooker, Stitch 'n Bitch Crochet, by Debbie Stoller. The actual potholders were designed by Kacy Fallon.

    I decided not to post photos of the second pot holder, to keep the color combo a secret, as my beloved daughter reads my blog...

Monday, August 20, 2012

In Which I Have Skulls on the Brain

    Before the relatives decended the other day, I was talking with Sara, and showed her the cool pot holders I've been working on. I am only making them for lack of anything else to do at this point...

   Anyway, she really liked them and asked me to make her a pair. She wants two different color sets. No problem! I went to Michaels craft store this morning, and picked up some colors to use with the colors in my stash. See, I can stash bust with this project!

    I stopped and took photos a couple of different times. It really went quickly, to my supreme delight!

    That one was just before the row where the eyes are started. The next one shows the first one all done!

    I have already started the second one, then they are crocheted together, and voila, they are done! The second color combo I will keep to myself for now. I'm not sure if I like it. I may have to go back and exchange one of the colors, to one I think Sara will like better. I will take another photo when the whole thing is finished.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Visit With The Aunties and Uncles

     Yesterday my Aunts and Uncles came for a visit, to my daughter Sara's house. These are three of my dad's four siblings. Uncle Joe lives in Florida, too far away to visit. My dad was the second oldest after Uncle John. Dad would have been 80 this year, so I know Uncle John is older than that. After dad was Aunt Kate, then Uncle Joe, and lastly Aunt Lou. Aunt Lou is only ten years older than me.

     Most of them live further upstate, and Aunt Kate and her husband Uncle Chuck were in Catskill for a bowling thing this weekend. So they went to Uncle John and Aunt Marge's house, and, along with Aunt Lou, they all came down for a visit when Aunt Kate was done bowling for the day.

     This is a photo of Uncle John, Aunt Kate and Aunt Lou.

    Here is a photo of all the Aunties and Uncles, and my mom too.

    From left to right - Uncle Chuck, Aunt Kate, Mom, Aunt Lou, Uncle John, and Aunt Marge.

    Aunt Lou is a hoot. My brother Chip stopped by for a while, and he looks so much like our dad that it makes Aunt Lou cry.  Here is a photo of my brother and his wife, Carol.

    So we all had a nice visit, Sara made food, and everyone got the tour of the house. The Aunts and Uncles had never been, it was their first visit. I think I'll even throw in a photo of Sara and Mike's house too!

   And lastly, here's a photo of Aunt Lou and Sara when everyone was leaving.

     My mom loves when she gets to see dad's brother and sisters, it makes her happy and I think she feels close to him. It was a good day. Thanks, Sara!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Crochet Project Update and More

    Well, you may be glad to know that I figured out Kim figured out where I had gone wrong with my crochet project, and it has since been remedied and the first part finished. Here is what it looks like!

    I have started a second one, but it's different than this one. I feel that if I were to make another one exactly like the first, right after finishing the first, I would just lose my mind. So I started the first of another pair.

    I was supposed to have company today, to go swimming. But when I texted to see if they were coming, I learned that Cherub was fighting with her mother, and mother didn't feel that Cherub deserved to do anything she might enjoy. I totally understand that logic. It's like: You talked back to me and were very bad, now let's go swimming!! Kind of rewarding bad behavior. So I swam by myself today for a while. Here is what I saw from one corner by the fence:

    That building is empty, it belongs to the local water district. They used to have offices there. It's right at a bend in the creek.

    Then this is the view from my Queen Chair, looking across the shallow end of the pool.

    That's my lemon slice float. I used to have an orange slice too, but it's gone missing. Underneath is Hubs' mattress float. This hasn't been a very good year for our poor pool. First we had a hell of a time getting the chemical balance right, then Hubs had double ear infections, and I got a new tattoo. One more week until I can sped some serious time in the water.

    Not only did we have a hard time with the chemicals, but we had to get a new pump too. The old one, which wasn't all that old, began making loud noises last summer.  It was even worse this year when we turned it on. We had seriously considered just filling in the pool, we'd discussed it for two summer seasons now. I'm concerned that I'm the only one that really uses it. I know it's a lot of work for Hubs.

    I guess we are committed to at least a few more years now, since he spent the money and got a new pump... And he might be willing to get a new liner too.

    In closing, I would like to point out that when considering getting a tattoo, don't get it in the summer. Especially if you like to spend lots of time in the water!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Sharing a Childhood Memory

     Again yesterday, I had nothing to say. I'm sorry about that. At least on Wednesday, I had a back up post ready to go! I had written about the hedgehogs weeks ago, and was saving it for a day when I had nothing. Who knew I would have nothing for two days in a row??

     This morning, as I lay in bed, I was thinking. I seem to be very aware of what time it is when I do things. Even what time I go to sleep. The first thing I do when I wake up is look and see what time it is. Anyway, as I lay in bed this morning, I think I figured out why I'm like that.

    When I was in second grade, I think it was, I remember the teacher bringing out the big cartoon looking clock. I even remember her name, it was Miss Bosco. She was about to teach us how to tell time. For some reason, I had no desire to learn this, so I paid attention for a little while, but soon I was staring out the window. It all went in one ear and out the other.

    So I didn't learn to tell time. I got away with not knowing for at least three years. At some point, my parents must have figured it out, because for my birthday just before sixth grade, I got a watch. So I sort of had to learn. Today, I am very grateful for their gift. I figure that's why I am kind of obsessed with time, and what time things happen.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I've Hit the Wall, Knitting Wise

    I sure have. I screwed up my lace stole project a few days ago, and haven't figured out yet where I went wrong. I haven't frogged it, I still have hope that either I can figure it out, or my friend the knitting expert can.

    In the meantime, I have been crocheting. I'm trying again to do the skull colorwork potholders, from the Stitch n Bitch Crochet, The Happy Hooker book. I tried once before to make these for my friend, but I wasn't happy with how it looked. Since then I have watched her make some, and decided to try again. So far, I am happy with how it looks. Even though I'm using my least favorite hook, the size G. This hook size, I consider my nemesis.

    So for now, I am crocheting. I will post photos of my progress. I am really not too happy that to make the potholder, I have to make two of these fracking things. Grrrr.

    And for a double Grrr, as I am looking at the photo, I see the eyes are off center, which means I have to frog the last row that I did. I didn't notice until I looked at the photo! Oh well, at least it's not a whole bunch of rows...

    Tattoo update!! It has now been 8 days since my tattoo, and the last little bit of crust has finally come off. It's still itchy, and I'm still lotioning the shit out of it. I know it seems early, but I have always healed quickly. I am told the color looks awesome. I can't see it myself without mirrors. I think I'll ask Hubs to take another photo of it.

    Crap, I see it's almost midnight. I better get my crap assembled and publish this, or it will show up with tomorrow's date!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hedgehog Love!

    I have always loved hedgehogs, and have wanted one for a pet for years. Unfortunately, they are way too high maintenance for me, so it's not feasible. Instead, I have some really cute photos of hedgehogs to share, that I found online!

    From newborns, to babies, and even a hedgehog getting a bath!

    Aren't they just the cutest things ever? Since I can't have one, maybe that's why I collect them. I have some stuffed animal ones, and even one on a necklace. They are harder to find than you would think! Mostly, the ones I see are in the dog toy sections of grocery or pet stores.

    These darlings were my mother-in-laws, she gave me one, and I inherited the rest when she passed away. They are outside on my stoop, next to the step into the house.

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Tale of the Sock Fairy

    When I was a young girl, I noticed that every year for Christmas, my maternal Grandmother sent socks as gifts to everyone in the family. Well, she also usually made us kids knitted mittens that were waaaay too big, and I always got a bag of Hazelnuts. I loved them, and still do.

    By the time I was a smart-ass teenager, I was referring to her as The Sock Fairy. Which was fine with my family, until the one Christmas Grandma stayed with us. She heard us refer to her as such, and was mortally offended. She got all huffy, and said that if we felt that way, she would never get socks for us again. And she didn't.

    It kind of became the family joke, who the sock fairy would be each year. Mom took over for a while, and after I got married, my mother-in-law became the sock fairy. I must say, she wore the title with pride. Each and every year, along with our other gifts, we always got socks.

    Well, before Christmas came in 2010, my mother-in-law passed away. And that year is when I became the family sock fairy. I have taken to it with enthusiasm. I get socks for everyone, even my son-in-law.

    And yes, this is the Grandmother who taught me to knit, whom I lovingly (not) call the Knitting Nazi.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Picnic in the Park

    Every year, my son's karate school has a big picnic, at a local town park. There is a swimming pool, a big pavilion, and a large flat field where they set up a net for badminton and volley ball. Sometimes they get a touch football game together.

    It's a potluck affair, so everyone brings food, and there is usually a contest for the best particular food. One year it was chili, and this year was wings. They only had two entries, so they didn't do the judging.  The instructors are the judges.

    I only took a few photos, as my camera battery is getting low, and I was afraid it would die on me. The above photo is a shot of one of the food tables. Salads, desserts, chips and drinks.  The next one is a photo of part of the pool, with lots of kids in it!

    My daughter and son-in-law came too, and here they are:

    Right next to the pavilion, there is a really adorable little copse, with some trees and rocks. I always think it would make a good photo, so I took one of it.

    And that is my day. I sat and ate, and watched the kids swim and talked to people. I was so very tired, so after a few hours, I left. I felt bad leaving early, but Julie said she would watch my taboule salad, and bring me home my bowl after the picnic was over. They were just here a little while ago. There was still salad in the bowl.

    Like I said, I was so tired, when I got home, Hubs was in the shower, he had just gotten home from the Fishkill house. Then we went into the bedroom, and took a long, well deserved nap. I got up about an hour ago, Hubs just got up a few minutes ago.

    I took my knitting with me, but didn't work on it. I made a booboo, and really, just didn't want to deal with it. I couldn't devote enough of my attention to it, to find the mistake, and possibly attempt to fix it.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Here's how my day went, with a little knitting.

    That's right, nothing happened today. I got up this morning, and I was going to go out as we need coffee. I discovered we have more coffee than I thought, so I don't need to go today. It isn't a good idea to go to Adams on the weekend. At all. You can spend hours just trying to find a place to park...

    I truly did nothing today. It's very hard to breathe, as it's so fracking humid. I did go down and turn on the pool filter, but that was the only time I left the house. It was very traumatic, though. As I was walking towards the pump house, to bleed the air out of the filter, I saw something moving in the grass. I stopped when I realized it was about a foot long section of a snake's tail. He was going  behind the diving board, which is on it's long edge, on the ground, leaning against the pump house.

   I carefully peeked into the pump house, and saw part of his body, then spotted his head, watching me bleed the filter. I finished, and very carefully backed the hell outta there. I had quietly moved the diving board so I could get a better look at him. He was about four feet long. No wonder we haven't had any frogs in the pool lately. He looked very well fed. I just hope he isn't eating my little chipmunks.

    I finally did end up going to the grocery store, as we really needed milk and half & half. I picked up a few other things we needed too. I didn't have to go to Adams for those things, but that's where I have to go to get my coffee. I also like to get meat and produce there.

    At one point I did try and knit a few rows on my stole, but I fracked it up. I started by doing the wrong row, but kept going anyway. After the wrong side purl row, I did the row I should have started with, and ended up being one stitch short. I cursed for a minute, then put it away. I told you I can't try to knit lace and watch TV at the same time!

    So now dinner is in the oven, and we are going to be eating late tonight. It was too hot to cook earlier. Now, the temp has gone down, but it's still really humid outside.

    Tomorrow is the karate school family potluck picnic! I am really looking forward to that. The kids love to hang out and play with their instructors. They have it at Hackett Hill Park every year, and the kids can swim, and they play touch football, and all kinds of games. It looks like Hubs won't be attending with me this year, he has to go to the Fishkill house and do some work on the back deck. He has the use of some tool-thingie for the weekend only, so he has to do it tomorrow.

    I will take my camera, so hopefully I can get some good photos of the picnic.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Shawl/Stole Progress Update!

    I am making slow progress on the lace stole. I am trying to be very careful, so I don't frack it up, as I have done in the past. I took a few photos this morning, here it is from a distance:

A little bit closer:

And even closer!

    I seriously considered getting my blocking pins out and pinning it down so you can see the pattern better. But then I thought it would be better to wait until it's all done, and blocking, and then I can take a great photo! So these are just teasers.

   And of course, I worked on it a bit while Miss Malia was napping today, so it's even bigger now.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

I Found a Great Pattern!

    After searching Ravelry, which has waaaay too many patterns available btw, I finally found a pattern I thought I could do! All this happened last night. So I downloaded the pattern, found a circular needle, and set to work!

    The pattern is called Easy Lace Stole, and it's from Arlene's World of Lace. I cast on the 61 stitches, and did the first four rows to get me started. I am looking forward to this one, as I have yet to master lace knitting.

    I put the pattern on my little stick drive thingie, and have to take it somewhere and have it printed out at some point. I also put the pattern in my documents on my laptop, so I can take my laptop with me babysitting later, and still work during nap time. I will take a photo when it's further along, so you can see how it's coming.

    As for my new tattoo, it's healing up nicely. Today I start applying the lotion to it, according to the directions I was given. Yesterday, I washed it gently three times, and patted it dry with a paper towel.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

In Which I Change Mind....

    I know, I know, I said I had decided on a pattern. But after I got about 6 rows into it, I remembered that I've tried to make this shawl about 3 times before, and never finished any of them. I didn't like how they looked for some reason.

    This is how far I got today:

    I haven't frogged it yet, but I will. This yarn is too gorgeous, I will find just the right shawl pattern for it, I promise. Maybe it's time for another Pi Shawl....

    In the meantime, friend Kim has been doing some awesome crochet work. She has inspired me to get my stash of Sugar and Cream out, and go through it. I know I have a bunch of the different shades of denim....

Finallly Decided on a Pattern!

     That's right, I finally decided on a pattern, after days of searching in my binders, I have two giant ones. I also searched Crochet Patterns Central, as well as Ravelry.

    The winner is a nice crocheted shawl, called the Butterfly Wing Shawl. It was designed by Holly Miller. I've had it printed out since 2008. But I am excited to do it! I am using some white Alpaca that I bought at Rhinebeck last year. It is so soft, I can't wait to see it!

    I started the shawl last night, did a few rows to get started before I went babysitting today. I couldn't decide whether to use a J-6mm hook, or a K-6.5m hook. I decided to start with the smaller hook, and if it's not light and airy enough, I will frog it and use the bigger one. I really want the shawl to be light and lacey. I will take photos when it's big enough for you to really see it.

    Another thing I am worried about, is having enough yarn. I bought one big hank, it is 8 ounces. It wound into a huge center pull ball, but everyone knows that crochet is a big yarn sucker. I have other white/natural really soft animal yarns hanging around, so if needed I can use them. Or, I have a second Alpaca hank, but in black.  I won't have to decide for a while yet. I will keep you updated.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Introducing Tattoo #4

    I thought I would start by reviewing my first three tattoos. Number one is on my right shoulder, and looks like this:

    I got that one for my 40th birthday, so it's been there a while. The second one? I wanted one I could actually see without using mirrors, so I got this:

    It was supposed to be filled in to look metallic, but I never got it finished. I made the mistake of watching, and almost passed out. That one is on my left wrist. A long time ago, I wore a bracelet that looked like that. I missed it, so I had it recreated.

    The third one, I can't find a photo of. It's on my right forearm, and it's the Chinese characters for Never Again. Hubs has the same one, in the same place. It's about 2 1/2 inches long and 1 1/2 inches wide. And yes, there's a story, but it's a private one. We got them on Hubs' birthday, but we can't remember which one! But it was the last one I got.  Until today.

    OK. I am now home from getting my new tattoo. I am also ready to kill hit him. He keeps slapping my new, sore tattoo and telling me that Cookie told him to slap it, that it would help set the colors.

       This is the only photo my beloved Hubs took. I keep reminding myself, he's just a stupid boy. This photo was taken before any of the colors were added, it's just the black outline and shading. But it's cool, right? I like it very much. Of course, I haven't seen it yet, really. Only in a small hand mirror, too far from the big mirror to see it very well. I will check it out later, in the bathroom mirror.


Monday, August 6, 2012

Searching for a Pattern and Other Stuff

    Since yesterday, I have been searching for a pattern to knit. I have looked through most of my pattern books, magazines, and patterns I've gotten from free pattern sites, mostly Knitting Pattern Central.

    I've even looked at crochet patterns. Nothing is speaking to me. In the meantime, I will continue working on the shawl. But it's getting  b  o  r  i  n  g. Which could be why I put it down in the first place.

    This morning, when I went to sit for the Cherub, I took my camera and completed Arachno Shawl. She had agreed to model it for me, so I could show you a good photo of what it looks like. This is what I got:

    Apparently, she decided she wasn't into it this morning. I will try to find another model, or maybe just lay it out on the hood of my Jeep. It's really not big enough to suit me, I think if I want to make it "Kim" big, I would have to double the amount of cast on stitches. I'm thinking that doing the cobweb pattern for the border on that many stitches would drive me over the edge.

     So Hubs is finally asleep, I think, after having to work a 5th 12 hour shift in a row. To say he wasn't happy is an understatement. But it's over now, and I get to be with him for two nights before he goes back for his three night week.

    And tomorrow is new tattoo day!! Finally!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

I didn't lie, I was mistaken.

    I did end up knitting yesterday. I notice that because I said in the title that I wasn't knitting, about half as many people read my post. HA HA we fooled them, didn't we? Those who did read it know that I ended up saying I would knit!

    It took me a long time to find the shawl, but when I finally did, I worked on it for what seemed like hours. It's so long at the top now, I only did four rows. I counted the stitches as I knit the last row, and according to my counting, there are 352 stitches.

    I greatly enjoy watching the color progression in this yarn, and how the stripes are getting thinner as it grows. I sort of designed this one myself, I knew it would be big, so I didn't want a point at the bottom. I started with 9 stitches, I think, and did garter stitch for several rows, doing a YO after the first stitch, and before the last stitch, on every other row.

    Then I started doing a seven stitch garter border, with stockinette in the body, still doing the YO's every right side row.  It's funny, but when I pick it up after a long time, I forget to do the first YO on the right side. So it'll end up being uneven, but I don't think it'll be too obvious. I like the rounded bottom. I still have quite a bit of yarn left, I can keep going as long as I want to.

    One of the labels in yesterdays post was babysitting. I had intended to talk about babysitting, but didn't get that far. I have off from my regular babysitting job on Monday and Tuesday. That means I don't have to worry about daddy being late on Tuesday, which might make me late for my Tattoo appointment! Only two more days until my new tattoo!!

    I've been thinking, I might be getting a little old for tattoos, so this might be my last one. But I've wanted this one for so long, and I got gift certificates for Festivus. I just hope Hubs takes good photos.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Not knitting today

    Nope, I am not knitting today. I think. So far. First of all, I got to sleep in this morning, until after 9! That's huge for me. I am still, at 11:22 a.m. drinking my coffee.

    Second? There is nothing currently on the needles that I wish to work on. Not the Baby Surprise Jacket, not even the Wingspan Shawl. I am not in love with either of these projects at the moment. I was thinking maybe I'd look for an old project still on the needles, a shawl I started when we were in Fishkill, I was using Paton's Lace yarn in the Patina colorway. Very pretty stripes.

    Later on, I shall look for it. Here is a photo I took of my progress at the time:

    I think it's safe to say that I haven't made any more progress on it that the photo shows. Looking at the photo really makes me want to go find it.... I want it to be huge, and I know I have more yarn in my stash.

    Wish me luck in finding it! Looks like I may knit today, after all....

Friday, August 3, 2012

On the needles now...

    Since I finished the Arachno Shawl, I haven't knit a single stitch. I packed up the WIP Wingspan shawl to take to babysitting today, but the little darling wouldn't nap until just before her daddy came.

    So I sit here, watching TV, having just sent Hubs off to work. I need to get dressed and make a grocery store run, since we are very nearly out of half and half. That is a very bad thing. It's just too fracking hot outside today to even consider it. And in my little area of the country, we are under a Bad Air Advisory, or whatever it is that it's called. People like me, who have lung and breathing issues are advised not to go out, or at least not to do strenuous activity.

    Of course, I shall go out and get what I need anyway, like I always do. I am such a good little wifey. I happen to be out of my fruit popsicles anyway, so I can get more while I'm there. I love the Pomegranate, and Pineapple ones. They are my two favorites. I'm hoping they are on sale, so I can buy more of them. Believe me, they won't go to waste!

    After I get home from the store, I shall, very probably, partake of a fruit popsicle, and then break out my knitting. But there are dishes waiting to be washed, so it may take all my concentration to ignore them...

Thursday, August 2, 2012

And Now For Your Scheduled Rant.....

    As I hoped, knitting this afternoon refreshed my memory. Now it's all clear again what I was going to rant about.

    I like very few "reality" shows, and most of the ones I do like are cooking shows. I catch House Hunters and House Hunters International whenever I can. It's these shows about which I am ranting today.

    Not the shows themselves, but the people on the shows. Sometimes they are idiots, or completely insane. My favorite idiots? There was a couple whose only child was going away to college in another state. They decided to sell their big house, and move to the same town where he was going to school. Fine. The both stated that they wanted to downsize their house. Fine.  They did want a bedroom for the son, so he could visit on the weekends. Fine.

    Every stinking house they looked at, the wife had one thing to say: "It's too small!" or "The rooms are too small"!! I almost screamed myself hoarse that night, yelling at the TV. "THAT'S WHAT DOWNSIZING MEANS, YOU STUPID BITCH!!"

    The house they bought had more square feet than the house they left. So much for downsizing. Since our son moved out, I ask my Hubs once in a while, "Can we downsize to a bigger house now?"

    What really drives me crazy are these people who expect to get all high end appliances and things on a small budget. People who want granite counter tops, and stainless appliances already installed when they buy a house. They need to get fracking real. To me, those things are done later, when you can afford to do them!

    And some of the buyers are checking for the most inane things before they will even consider buying the house! One couple needed the house number to add up to anything other than a certain number. I don't remember what the number was. In another couple, the husband insisted the house face a certain direction, so his back yard barbecues would have a good view of the sunset.

    One husband went around tasting the water at every house they saw! How insane is that? Sometimes these people just need to be bitch slapped. On reflections, my Hubs and I might have seemed a bit odd when we were house hunting... Where we were living at the time, we had really lousy water pressure. So every house we looked at, we would check the water pressure. It seems you look for what is important to you at the time, no matter how insane it appears to outsiders.

    The people of the International show are in a class by themselves.... I just shake my head at most of them. Some are spoiled Americans, coming from their waaaay to big houses, and they are looking for the same thing in a new country, However, most of the other countries in the world have houses that are far older than the U.S. sometimes!And these really old houses are not going to have big rooms, or modern layouts! These people I really, really want to slap. Here they have a chance to live in Italy, or Brazil, or Spain, and live in a really old and historic house, and all they want is an "open concept" house! AARRGGHH!

    OK, I am feeling a bit better now that the rant is out of the way. Thanks for listening. If you agree with me, or even if you don't, please feel free to comment!

   As far as knitting goes, I finished the Arachno Shawl today!! YAY!! I will photograph it after it gets laundered.


In Which I Plan to Rant ... Later.

    I've had a rant building for a while now. I haven't had a good one in a long time. However, things that irk me happen at a time when I can't write them down, and I soon forget what set me off in the first place.

   So today, I'm going to think really hard while knitting, and hopefully a few things will occur to me. I will have pen and notebook within reach, and write them down. I keep the notebook and pen in my bag, at all times, for emergencies like blog post ideas, and things I need at the grocery store.

   You will hear from me later!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How My Day Went

    This morning started out with me in the middle of a really interesting dream, when BEEP BEEP my alarm went off. It was 5:45 a.m. Not my favorite time to get up, not even my 10th favorite. But I do what I have to do for a friend, and I am getting paid, so I get up.

    That job is only 2 hours long, two mornings a week. It won't kill me. And Cherub is a sweet tempered child, whose birthday is quickly approaching. Three days, as she reminded me more than once this morning. Then she will be in the double digits, age-wise, a huge deal.

    After I got home, I made myself some coffee, chocolate, of course. That's all we drink. I even made it full caff. Hubs has to drink half caff, so that's what I usually make. I felt I needed the full caff to get through the rest of the day.

    Somewhere along the line, during the three and a half hours until I had to go sit for Miss Malia, I forgot to set the coffee maker up for Hubs. That is one thing I always do for him. So when he gets up for work, all he has to do is turn on the coffee maker. As a stupid boy, I figure he can handle that.

    Today Miss Malia was not having nap time. I have a sneaking suspicion that someone spiked her morning bottle with some sugar. The past two weeks, that child had fallen asleep before noon, and mostly slept for up to two hours. Today, however was different. At 2:45 p.m. she finally climbed up onto my lap, grabbing her blanket on the way. I swear to you, she passed out as she leaned her head on my chest.

    She was still sleeping at 3:20 when her dad came. So I didn't get my planned knitting time today. I was disappointed.

    I kind of figured that Hubs would be a little perturbed at me for coffee maker thing. He wasn't! Since it's his first night back to work for the week, he was up a little early, and was able to make it himself. He made a full pot, and I got to drink the last cup. So I have enough energy to stay awake for a while this evening.

    After Hubs left for work, I sat here and knitted a little bit, maybe three or four rows. I broiled the sirloin tips. Now I just have to make some garlic mashed potatoes, and eat my dinner.

    I have been thinking, sooner or later I will have to buy a thesaurus. I've caught myself wishing for one in recent weeks. I'm betting you'll notice when I finally break down and do it.