Friday, November 30, 2012

Does the loss ever fade?

    There I was, going about my day as usual. I went to Stitch n Bitch this morning, hung around the house for a while, then headed to the mall to get my paychecks. Two, because I refused to leave my house last  Friday, Black Friday.

    I had been to the bank to cash the checks, and to the supermarket to buy tonight's meat for dinner. I was almost home. Now, I know that in three days, it's the two year anniversary of Mother-in-law's death. I have been aware of it for a while. But when I turned off Rte. 9, onto the side street that comes out near my house, there is a funeral procession lining up on the side of the road. The fact that it was the same local funeral home that took care of Betty might have made it even more poignant.

    I see the cars, and, as I drive by, the tears start. By the time I get to the other end of the short road, they are running down my face. Just seeing that makes the water works start, brings back all the memories. This surprises me. You think you are over it, then something brings all those feelings roaring back, seemingly as fresh as that day. I'm even in tears as I type this!

   I mean, really, there wasn't even a funeral, she was cremated. We did have a nice memorial service the next May, and buried her ashes with those of her husband.  But still, death is death, and loss is loss. I feel it keenly even now, two years after the fact. Hence my question, does it ever fade?

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Gamer Glove Progress / Snow Photos

   I have made progress on the gamer gloves, I started the second one. I was at the point in the first one where I will put the thumb hole, and I want to actually see the thumb, so I started the second. I may have that one ready for thumb hole measuring by the time I see him on Saturday!

    The snow we had the other day was my favorite kind, it melted quickly. I did manage to get some photos before the battery died in my camera.

    This light coating of snow on the leaves my mom used to say was like sugar on Wheaties, the cereal. I still think of that when I see light snow. These photos are of the wooded lot next door to us.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Today's Doings

    Today was a nice day, spent for the most part with Hubs. We watched TV in the morning, then he went to the garage to try and fix the generator. He was unsuccessful, so he came up and looked up "generator repair shops" on google.

   He found one, relatively nearby, and the woman on the phone was very pleasant, and helpful. Since the generator is very heavy, he had to ask Jesse to come by and help him put it in the truck bed. Then we were off to the repair shop.

    He had talked this morning about going to Kingston, which means visiting Sam's Club. But after dropping the generator off, he just wanted to shower, have lunch and relax. So we did. Perhaps we can visit Sam's sometime over the weekend.

    I haven't crocheted much today, I have no excuses. But I will get more done by Saturday, when I will be seeing Sara, and going to her house. I want to get an idea of the size of the thumb hole, which is best done in person. Hopefully her Hubs will be around for that.

    I can now feel the holiday spirit rising in me. It hasn't in a long time. I finally got to discuss with Hubs the family dinner arrangements. Since Christmas is so early in the week this year, we will have our dinner the weekend before the holiday, instead of after. Hopefully everyone will be able to make it.

    Let the shopping begin! Actually, I have started. There's one gift that's on it's way to me. I ordered it on cyber Monday. Yup, I participated, for once. But I refused to leave my house on Black Friday. I wouldn't even go to the mall to pick up my paycheck. I will go this Friday, though, and get both.

May the Spirit of Christmas fill your life!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

No Photos Today

   It's been snowing here, and I went outside with the camera to take some snow shots. After maybe three or four photos, the low battery light came on, and then the camera died. Don't you think I might like a bit more warning than five seconds?

    I was also going to take a photo or two of my crocheting progress on the fingerless gloves. Now I can't do that either. I worked until it got too dark last night, then did some while hanging with the Cherub this morning. I can't work as long as I used to, my hands get sore. I guess I'm not as used to it as I once was. Knitting is easier on the hands than crochet.

    Hubs decided to go out hunting in the snow, he hopes it will make the deer more active. None of his friends have even seen a deer this season. So he will sit there until he freezes, then come home and want me to warm him up. I can do that, I'm good at it.

Monday, November 26, 2012

In Which a Yarn is Chosen

    That's right, I chose a yarn for the fingerless gloves for my cold handed, video gamer son-in-law. That's really progress! I would have started crocheting earlier, but I didn't feel very well today. I even took a nap, something I hardly ever do.

   Here is the yarn I chose:

    It's a nice, masculine, camo yarn. It will go well with all the military type video games he plays. I now have a few rows done on the first one, but it's getting dark now, and harder to see. I will work as long as I can, and then continue tomorrow. I hope his wife approves. I think she will.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

On to New Projects / An Awesome Dinner

    I think it's past time to start the promised fingerless gloves for my bestest son-in-law. Tomorrow, when I can walk again, I will go through my stash and hopefully find an appropriate yarn. I will then sit and crochet them until they are done!! On this you have my solemn vow.

    This weekend was fun at work. We were really busy and I like that. It's fun to talk to lots of people. It was hard for me to open up at first, and just do it, but now it's much easier. I'm even finding myself smiling and saying hello to people in the grocery store! I get some weird looks. It's OK, it makes me laugh.

   After my little four hour shift, I stopped at the grocery store, to get some stew beef. It was chilly outside, and I just knew it was a good soup day. So now, the soup is cooking, and the house smells terrific. Gotta love the smell of a good home made soup! (even if it does come from the Awesome Store!) I'm making my Hubs' favorite, the vegetable barley, I add my own beef. I also add a few other things, like a small can of corn, and about two tablespoons of honey. You can add anything you like!



Saturday, November 24, 2012

Post Felting Photos

    Who knew? When I threw the bucket bag in the washer then in the dryer last night, I never expected it to dry quickly. Based on past experience, it usually takes two, if not three, dryer cycles to dry my felted things. And even then they are still damp and must hang over the baseboard heat overnight.

    But yesterday, there was a change in my usual felting routine. I needed to wash my jeans for work today, so I threw them in with the bucket bag and the tennis balls. When I went down to get the jeans out of the dryer, the bucket bag was also dry! Completely! I was shocked to say the least. But at least I can now post the after felting photo! I also measured it, and it's now about 7 inches tall.

    I really like the way the denim blue came out, I may do another one, just in that color. If anyone were to make this bag, my advice would be to use a solid color for the bottom, if you are going to use a variegated wool for the body. The crochet stitches show the colors differently, and it may not be pleasing to some people. Personally, it makes no difference to me, I like things that are different.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Bucket Bag Progress Report

    I have officially finished the third bucket bag. It's bigger than the last two. I made the bottom 15 inches across, and the sides 15 inches tall. Here's a photo of the finished bag, pre felting. If I can, I'll take another, post felting.

    For reference, I present the photo of the first bag, with same remote used for scale:

    I have to admit, I'm aquiver with anticipation, to see what it looks like after being felted! I can't wait to see what happens to the stripes. I should mention also, that I made the handle on this one 16 stitches across, instead of 12, like the first two.

    I went with Hubs to the Fishkill house today, he wanted the company. So I sat and knitted while he worked outside on the house. I was able to finish the handle, but since I didn't think to bring another needle, I had to wait until we got home to join them together. 

    When he was done, we went to Dickie's BBQ, which is excellent and I recommend it highly, then we came home. We brought the BBQ home, and ate it once we got here. Now I will go and put the bag in the washing machine. Hopefully I will be bale to report tomorrow!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

My List, Part II

    Yesterday, I had a wicked brain freeze and couldn't think of anything else to add. Last night, it finally loosened up, and ideas flooded back in. So here's a continuation of my list:

5. Sheep. I am thankful that sheep have wool, and that someone figured out how to harvest the wool, and turn it into yarn.

6. I am very thankful for all of our Servicemen and women, past and present, who sacrifice so much to keep us safe. My dad was in the Air Force, during the Korean War, you'd think I would have remembered that earlier...

7. Even though we have our aches and pains, I am thankful that we are relatively healthy.

8. And I am thankful that I found a part time job. It gets me out of the house, meeting and interacting with new people. We all need to expand our horizons, or we get into a rut.

9. My parents probably should have been higher on the list, but I am very thankful for both of them. They taught me a lot, and provided the secure base for me to build my life on.

10. Lastly, I am thankful for our empty nest. It means that the hardest, most crucial, part of being parents in done. We have taught the kids what we can, and have set them free on an unsuspecting world. They are functioning adults, and able to take care of themselves. It's our time now, Goddess help us....

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Here's My List

    Most of this month, some of my facebook friends have been listing, day by day, things they are thankful for. One thing, each day. I read them, and wonder what I would write if pushed into it. I mean, seriously, doesn't "life" just about cover it?

So I thought I would sit down and try to come up with a list of some sort.

1. Of course, my Hubs has to come first. He came along at just the right moment in my life. He's one of the reasons I believe in a higher power, whatever you want to call it. I like to think it's the Universe looking after me.

2. My kids come next. All three grew up to be good people, despite having me as a mother. Even though one didn't have me for most of his childhood.

3. I am very thankful for my friends. I've had many over the years, some for longer than others, but all were important to me, and taught me what they were sent to teach me. I hope.

4.  The only other thing I can think of that might be relevant, is BEEF. In elementary school, my youngest child's class one year made turkeys by outlining their hands spread on a piece of paper. Then they made feathers out of construction paper, and wrote on them, things they were thankful for, and glued the feathers onto the turkey. On the pinkie feather, my baby had written BEEF. He was thankful for beef. We still laugh about that one.

May you all have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!  Remember to tell those you love that they are important to you.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Day in the Life

    What a good day it's been. I got up at 8:00, made myself a half pot of coffee, and sat down in my chair. A few days ago, I made a trip out to Adams Fairacre Farms to get more chocolate truffle decaf coffee. We were almost out. While I was there, I decided to try a new flavor I had seen on my last visit. It's called Maple Bacon. Now, I figure that anything that has bacon flavor can't be bad.

    That's the coffee I got to try for the first time this morning. With great anticipation, I sipped my first cup. It's pretty sweet, and not terribly mapley or bacony. But it's not the worst coffee I've ever had either. Tomorrow I'll go back to my regular chocolate truffle, thank you. I'll save the maple bacon for another occasion.

    I watched my favorite morning shows, then got dressed and went to the supermarket. That went well, also. Even though the parking lot was pretty full, there weren't that many people in the store. I even found a handicap spot near the door.

    While I was out, I also went to the Post Office and got the mail. When I returned home, there were two large, rather flat, boxes waiting on the stoop. My favorite UPS man, Dave, had been there in my absence. I brought the groceries in, then tried to figure out how to get the boxes inside. They were a bit on the heavy side, as well.

    I finally managed to get them inside. After I caught my breath, and put the groceries away, I finally got to sit and knit, while waiting for the laundry. The rest of the day passed peacefully; I was knitting while watching Cadfael episodes on Netflix. I got quite a bit done, knitting wise. I started the third skein of wool, this one a denim heather, and quickly found a problem with it.

    I usually manage to find the inside end of the yarn, in the middle of the skein, and this time I was successful as well. However, as I knit, I pulled out a rather large tangle, in which I could see at least two more ends. It turns out that there were two separate pieces of yarn, not attached to the skein, that somehow got put inside the skein. This is supremely annoying to most knitters. Fortunately, it seems to only be the two pieces, so far. I have knit over an inch on the bucket bag with the new yarn, and haven't come across any more of them.

    Now I am just sitting here, watching evening TV, waiting for Hubs to come home from work. I did the laundry, and also the dishes. I also cleaned out the cat box. It was a busy day, after all... All that's left is to cook dinner when he gets home.

    After proof reading this, I thought I should clarify something. A half pot yields two cups of coffee in my house. We have BIG cups. I believe they are 18 -20 ounces. So a full pot gives us two cups each, which works out perfectly.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Promised Photos

   So today, I broke down and took some of the photos I promised you. Hubs and I were going to have a lazy day, and not even get out of bed, but that didn't work out. He's gone hunting until dark, so I have the afternoon to myself.

    First up is the photo of my knitting progress.

   This morning, the Cherub asked me why I keep making bucket bags. I told her it's like her mom making shawl, after shawl, after shawl. It's what my crafty muse is telling me to make! Sometimes we crafters are helpless to resist.

    Then we have the photo of my archery target.

   And just for giggles, I took a photo of Ozzy, the crazy talking cat.

    He doesn't seem to enjoy having his photo taken, at all. He never looks very happy in any of them. But he is very talkative and very soft, even if he isn't a very big cat.

    Enjoy the day, everyone!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Awesome Adventures

    My part time job is at the Awesome Store (aka Awesome Country), they have a large booth at the Hudson Valley Marketplace. I work Saturdays and Sundays, since those are the only days the Market Place is open.

    It's a very cool place, like a big indoor flea market. There's a food court, an aisle for food-goods vendors, and lots of booths where people sell all kinds of things! I went there a couple of times, with Bonny, and by myself, before getting the job.

    There have been a few memorable customers, in the weeks since I've been there. My second weekend, these two teenage boys came up to my tasting station. I greeted them, as I greet everyone who walks by. They looked at each other, and said "Do you know that we have walked through this whole place, and you are the first person to talk to us?" They ended up spending money in our booth because of my talking to them. That made me feel good.

    At my tasting station, I always warn people, if it says "hot" or "spicy" on the label, it's usually really hot or really spicy, so if you don't like spicy stuff, stay away from those. Last weekend, a couple came up, and the husband tasted our "hot salsa". It has flames on the label. He told his wife that it wasn't that hot, and she should try it. Well, she did, and started hitting him, and waving her hand in front of her mouth, and yelling "Are you crazy? Are you trying to kill me?" That really cracked me up. I warned them!

    Slowly but surely, it's getting easier to be standing for my shift. I get to walk a bit too, so that really helps.

    If anyone reading this is local to Dutchess County NY, come on by! The Marketplace is on the Salt Point Turnpike, across from the cemetery. For real locals, go up Innis Ave, all the way, then bear right on Salt Point, it's just past the old railroad bridge.

    They're open Saturdays and Sundays, 9am to 5 pm. Hopefully, I'll see you there!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sore Muscles and KnittingProgress!

    My arm and back muscles are a bit sore today, due to the archery class last night. I had the foresight, however, to know when to call it quits. My arm was getting wobbly, and it was getting hard to breathe. I totally spaced, I should have taken my inhalers before I went to the class. The others in the class carried on, and I bet at least one of the ladies is very sore today!!

    Maybe tomorrow I can get a photo of my target, so you can see how I did! It really was a great class. I had a ball, and will sign up for another when they offer it! As far as my knitting goes, I made great strides yesterday at Stitch n Bitch! I only had coffee, so I was knitting while the other ladies were eating their breakfasts. Knitting in the round, around and around, gets a little old, but in the long run it'll be worth it.

     Later in the afternoon, I went out with good friend Kim and her Cherub, and while they were poking around in Marshalls, I walked up to Joann Fabrics, and picked up another skein of wool for my bag. I bought a denim one, I thought it would look cool to do the top of the bag and the handle in denim. When I get that far, I will get some photos for you to see!


Friday, November 16, 2012

Something New, Part II

    It's now after 10 pm, and I just got home from the bow club. It was a lot of fun! There were 5 of us all together, and we all shot pretty well. I even got a few bulls eyes! I wasn't even the only leftie, there was one of the men was too.

   There were three ladies, and two men. Then men had shot before, but not in a long time. One of the ladies was a complete novice., and the other lady and myself had shot before, but not in a long time.

    There were two instructors, and they were both very nice, and totally understanding. They were very supportive and helpful.

    I think that this is something I will be doing more of in the future!

Something New, Part I

    Tonight, I will be doing something new. I am a bit nervous about it. You see, my beloved Hubs is an avid bow hunter. At one point, I expressed an interest, not in the hunting, but in the shooting of the bow. I thought it was something we could do together. When it's not hunting season, he shoots in leagues, and at targets for fun.

    That year, he went out and spent lots of money on a special left handed bow for me, as well as arrows, and a case. We went target shooting a couple of times. I wasn't very good, and got discouraged. Well, at his bow club, there is a newer member who is giving a class for beginning shooters. Hubs has talked me into attending tonight's class.

   I don't even have to bring my own bow, the club has enough for everyone to use. I am excited about it, but also nervous. At least I'll be with other newbies, and hopefully won't be too shy. I might even make some new friends!

    Later on, after the class tonight, I will write part II to let you know how it went.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


    There I was, knitting away, at the end of the first of three skeins of Paton's wool. All the same colorway, I might add. I attach the new skein, and start knitting again. After a few rounds, I notice something. 10 points to the first one to comment on the photo:

   Yup, that's right. The 1st skein had tan in it, bottom of photo, and the 2nd doesn't, top of photo. It has gray. I actually like the 2nd one better. I checked the 3rd, and it has tan in it again. I didn't even notice when I bought them. They all looked the same to me.

    So this bag is gonna have a strange looking stripe in the middle. Oh well. The colorway was Wedgewood. I couldn't find a dye lot on any of them. If I was making a sweater, I'd be really pissed. But it's just a felted bag, so it'll just add some interest.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Down Side

    I am discovering that there is a definite down side to having my beloved Hubs working a day shift. When he was working nights, he was sleeping all day. That gave me tons of time to myself. I got spoiled watching all the TV shows that I wanted to watch, I could go out and do whatever I wanted, as long as I was home by 3:00.

    That time restraint? I put it on myself, he didn't require it of me. I wanted to be home to start his coffee, and generally be here while he got ready for work. It was, after all, the most contact we had with each other during his work week.

    Even on his days (nights) off, he still slept a good portion of the day. He always had a hard time adjusting back to a daytime life. So I still had lots of time to myself.

    Now that he's on a day shift schedule, I am having a hard time with a few things. For one, he's up at the ass crack of dawn, even on his days off. So when I get up, he's already settled in his chair, with his coffee, and watching shows on TV that I don't like. So that means I'm missing my shows!

    For the first month, he worked a 5 day a week, 8 hour a day schedule. But now, he's on this funky 12 hour, two week, rotating schedule. He worked Sat, Sun and Mon, has off Tues and Wed, works Thurs and Fri, then has off Sat, Sun and Mon. So the days he works one week, he has off the next week. This schedule makes it very hard to schedule things like doctor appointments and such.

    I liked the night shift schedule so much better. He always worked Wed, Thurs, and Fri, and worked every other Sat. No muss, no fuss.

   Anyway,the other way it's messing with me is at dinner time. Now I have to cook a meal every single night! This truly sucks. Before, if I wanted to, I could have popcorn for dinner, or a frozen pot pie, or whatever I wanted, because he wasn't home for dinner! If I wasn't hungry, I didn't have to cook at all.

    On the plus side, we do get to spend a lot more time together. We are enjoying our empty nest. Even if he drives me crazy sometimes.....

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Next Project Started

    After an absolutely awesome, solid night of uninterrupted sleep, I got up again just before my alarm went off. After I got home, I had a really good cup of chocolate coffee, then decided to go back to bed. The coffee is half-caff, so I was able to get some more sleep.

    I got up again at about 12:30! After helping Hubs put new ink cartridges in the computer, I took some photos of the new bucket bag I started yesterday. I thought it was going to be so much bigger than the last one, but after measuring it, the stupid circle is only one inch bigger. I am using a smaller hook, as well as smaller needles this time.

    So yeah. I made this circle 13 rounds this time, but using the smaller J size hook is probably why it's only an inch bigger. I am also using a size 10.5 circular needle. Here's a photo of me progress so far, I like how stripey it is.

    If you see my daughter by any chance, tell her I am working on finding the yarn for her Hubs' mitts....

Monday, November 12, 2012

I'm So Very Tired Tonight

   Getting up at 5:30 a.m. sucks. That's why I'm so tired tonight. I wouldn't take a nap either, if I did then I wouldn't be able to sleep tonight. I was so tired, I can't even tell you how many times I almost fell asleep in my chair.

   I did go out today, to Michaels. I didn't get to go yesterday, my bestest buddy canceled on me. I wasn't too upset, really, I was so sore, I could hardly walk. It worked out for the best. So I went today, and used a 25% off coupon, for entire purchase! I got three balls of wool yarn for $10. Not too bad.

    Since I was in the plaza, I went to the Stop n Shop down there. Our new one that opened just this past Friday is very nice, but I'll wait for the furor to die down. I don't like shopping in a huge crowd, or having to wait for a parking space. O do need to go exploring the new one, I need to find where they put the bottle return machines. I have some bags piling up that need to be returned.

     I am so tired, I had to put my knitting up. I can't keep my eyes open. Very soon I will go to bed, as I have another early day tomorrow. But tomorrow, Hubs won't be getting up too, so I can sleep until 5:45. Woo hoo!

    I almost didn't post tonight, but I decided that since I already skipped a day recently, I can't skip another one without a Dr's note. I wouldn't want you guys to worry about me.  So here I am, and if I sound a bit out of it, I am. G'night!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Nothing to Report Yet

    Perhaps you noticed that I didn't post yesterday, I tried, I really did. There was just nothing to say. I'm not working on anything right now. My legs hurt and I'm a bit on the cranky side.

   However, there is a light at the end of the crafting blackness. After work today, I will be going to Michaels with my good friend Bonny. I fully intend to look seriously at some yarn. I might even start my son-in-law's long ago promised mitts. Well, if I can walk, that is. I have high hopes for that. who would eve think that I would find standing to be such torture and give me such pain? That's what three years of being unemployed can do if you aren't careful.

    I will say that the wool is already enticing me, it wants to be another bucket bag, this time a variegated one. The muse won't let me be, she tells me the wool wants to be a bigger bag also. I'll look at the wool yarn seriously.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Final Bucket Bag Report

    Today, I have the photos of the finished bucket bag, as well as the measurements. In my opinion, it shrunk too much. It went from 14 inches tall, or more, down to only 6 inches after felting! The bottom crocheted circle was 14 inches across, and is now 9 inches.

   For comparison, the black bucket bag started out about the same size as the purple one, before felting. Yet, after felting, look at the difference:

    I would say that it's because of the brands of wool I used: for the black I'd used Patons, and the purple, Malabrigo. My advice would be to use Patons or Lion Brand wool, simply because of the expense of Malabrigo. However, if you have lots of Malabrigo that you're not emotionally attached to, in your stash, you can use it, just make it even bigger to get a good size finished bag. Make the crocheted circle bottom up to six rounds bigger, and then add six or more inches of knitting in the round to the body of the bag.

    One of these days I will make this bag again, probably using Patons, and make it even bigger so you can compare them.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Bucket Bag is Done!

    Hooray! As I type, the bucket bag is hanging off my spinning wheel, over the baseboard heating unit, to finish drying! I finished it this morning, felted it, then put it in the dryer, for two dry cycles. It's still pretty damp, hence the hanging over the heat. I'm hoping it will be dry by morning.

    I measured it this time, before felting. I will post measure it tomorrow and let you know how much it shrunk. Believe it or not, I think it was bigger, pre-felting, than the black one, and it's smaller, post felting! The black one was done with Paton's wool, and this one with Malabrigo. Quite a difference!

    I will also take photos tomorrow, so you can all see how it came out. I have no project for Stitch n Bitch tomorrow morning, so I will take the new bag, and shave it with a lint shaver, while the others knit and crochet. I like the finish it gives to my felting.

    I am finished with the pattern, too. I sent it to my friend to critique, and she says it's fine. Now I just have to decide what to do with it. For some reason I can't make it as a document on my laptop, so it's currently a draft for this blog. Fortunately, I am friends with a certain college professor who is head of her department in computer stuff. I will ask her advice in the morning. It may be for sale on etsy or Ravelry soon...

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Surprise, I'm Knitting Today!

     I'm working on my bucket bag today. My head hurts from doing the math, for the dividing to start the handle. It helps me to visualize it if I draw a circle and divide it into six wedges.  So the handle is split now, half the stitches are on a stitch holder.

    I even took some photos and measurements today. I guess I got ambitious! The crocheted circle is 14 inches across. The body of the bag is 14 inches tall. It looked right to me, so I stopped. I measured after I had split and bound off the top edge. Purely a coincidence that it's as wide as it is tall.

    Now for the photos!

And finally, one with the cable remote, for scale, like I did for the black bag...

    I am also watching the weather today, as we are supposed to be getting our first snowfall of the season this afternoon into tomorrow. I am not happy about it, but I guess it's to be expected living in upstate New York.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Scent and Memory

    Believe it or not, scent is a very strong memory trigger. I read this years ago, and totally believe it. A roommate of mine was going to college and having a hard time. I told her to pick a perfume, cologne, or any pleasant smell and put it on a handkerchief.

    I told her to keep it nearby while studying, so she could smell it. Then when having an exam at school, use that same scent again. It will help you remember what you studied! She didn't believe me, so ended up not doing very well.

    I know it works, for a fact. When I was growing up, my dad would buy chunks of Pecorino Romano cheese and grate it himself. The smell would permeate the whole house. For those not familiar with this cheese, us kids called it Stink Cheese.

     Years later, I was standing at the Deli in our local supermarket, and I had picked up a container of the cheese, already grated. As I was waiting my turn, I opened the container and took a sniff. The memories of my dad flooded back, and the tears started rolling down my cheeks.

     For me, the smell of Ivory soap brings back memories too. When I smell it, I can see my brother and I in these big, rough textured tub/sinks that our Italian grandmother had in a room off her kitchen. She used to give us baths in these tubs, and scrub us with Ivory soap until we very nearly bled. (I used to swear that she used steel wool on us too, but I don't think that's true)

    The memories come back, so very strong. I'm sure you all have your own stories, and memories.

Monday, November 5, 2012

A Tale of Sore Legs

    It seems that standing for hours at a time is difficult for me. At least I get to walk around a bit, which helps a lot. My new job is part time, four hours a day, each Saturday and Sunday. I am having a good time with it, even though I end up in pain.

    Today is usually the day I spend recovering. But I decided to go out with my friend to Michaels and a few other places. Of course I had to walk. So now, my legs hurt all over again. It was worth it though, I enjoy spending time with Bonny.

    I came home and sorted socks, as I promised Hubs I would, I have yet to do any dishes. It still hurts to stand up. I need to start some more laundry, too... but that involves going down and then up the stairs. Not fun at all. But I'll probably get to it later on.

    I am also working on my bucket bag when I can. I did a few rounds last night, and more this morning. No new photos yet.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Didn't Post Yesterday...

   I didn't post yesterday, actually for a few reasons. First, I worked my four hour shift on my feet, and was very tired. After I got home, I was only able to rest for a couple of hours before we went out to dinner to celebrate the 23rd birthday of my youngest child.

   And the second? Yesterday would have been my dad's 80th birthday. I can't believe he's been gone for 20 years and about 4 months. I spent some time yesterday, thinking about him, wondering what he would be like if he had lived. I can't picture him as an octogenarian! It blows my mind.

    Today I put in another four hours on my feet, and again I'm exhausted. My legs really hurt. I'm hoping that eventually, I'll get used to it again. I think it's going to take some time. One day at a time, I guess. Or, more accurately, one weekend at a time!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Bucket Bag Progress Report

    Today, I have made more progress, I completed the stripe of color 2. I was originally thinking about a 4 inch width, but decided to stop when it felt right. It turns out, the stripe is 3.5 inches wide. Not too bad, estimate wise!

    I also measured how tall it is so far, just for reference sake, and it's 9 inches tall so far. I have yet to measure the diameter of the bottom circle, but I will at some point.

    So far, I'm liking this bag. I am a little concerned about the diameter of the bottom, worried that it's not large enough. It's the same number of rounds as the first bag I made, but it looks smaller. I will never know, since I didn't take any measurements of the first bag, pre-felting.

    At this point, I would like to say that if you wanted to make this bag smaller or larger, it will work. Since, if done correctly, every round will have a number of stitches divisible by 12, therefore also by 6. That's the math I used to divide it, when I decided how to do the handle.

    I have considered reducing the number of stitches in the last round or two before the handle step, as the original bag is kind of wide and a bit floppy at the top. My consultants have both agreed that they like it that way, so I will soldier on with the original plan. But you could K9, K2tog all the way around the top, and still have a number of stitches divisible by 6.

    OK, I think I'm done second guessing myself for today. If anyone has any questions or comments, please feel free to post them here. I've tried to take photos of the original bag, but it's black, and isn't cooperating. All photos haven't come out well enough to be posted here. It just looks like a black blob. Phooey.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

In Which I Start a New Project

    During the hurricane, it again occurred to me that I wasn't working on any particular project. All I was doing was listening to the TV while playing mahjong on my laptop. I decided that I needed to be making something, so I went stash diving. I found some pretty Malabrigo I had forgotten all about, two balls of purple, colorway Uva, and several of colorway Plena. I will only need one of those.

    I thought I'd start another felted bucket bag, and those yarns will look nice together. This time I'll write it down, as I do it, so I can present the pattern for those who wish to use it. I start, as before, with a crocheted circle for the bottom.

   Also this time I shall take photos of the progress, as well as before felting measurements. I hope. We all know that measurements when felting are kind of flexible.

    I started on Sunday evening, I believe, and got the bottom of the bag done on Monday. Here's a photo of the bottom, not complete yet:

     I finished the bottom, then picked up the stitches with a circular knitting needle. I knew I wanted to do this one differently than the first one; I wanted a row or two of contrasting color at the start of the body, so I picked up with the 2nd color, and then knit a row. After switching back to color 1, this is how far I had gotten as of yesterday afternoon:

     I am planning a nice, wide stripe of color 2 further up the body. When I get there, I will take a photo or two, and make sure I update you all!