Monday, July 14, 2014

A Funny Non-Crafting Story

    A while ago, there was a big fuss on the internet about giving dogs ice or ice water. It was cleared up, it doesn't hurt the animals. Well, I thought this fuss was much ado about nothing, since we regularly give our cat ice cubes to lick. He insists on them. He'll walk into the kitchen and meow while sitting at the refrigerator. That's my cue.

   Well, the other evening, he did his usual meow for ice, so I put some in his bowl, and walked back to the sink where I was < gasp > washing dishes. I had just walked up to the sink, when I heard Ozzy let out a kitty scream. I turned in time to see him shake his head, and start running into the living room, with two ice cubes attached to his mouth! He shook his head again just inside the living room, and the ice cubes fell off his face. He ran and hid somewhere.

    I picked up the ice cubes and put them in the sink. I was laughing, even though I knew it was mean. Poor Ozzy. Later, I told Hubs this story and added the thought that I doubt Ozzy would be asking for ice any more....

    But he actually has asked for more! Just yesterday he let me know he wanted more ice. I asked him if he was sure, and he just continued to rub on the fridge.


  1. Being owned by a cat is a challenge. But it is a sweet life!

  2. Totally. I've had cats my entire life. We've had 2 dogs, and cats are absolutely superior pets. Waiting now for my possible Munchkin kitten.