Monday, December 1, 2014

The Adventure of the New Cats

    We had one cat. We had him for a long time, since he was a tiny little kitten. He was born on April 15, 2001. I named him Ozzy because he was a wild man, running around and talking all the time. I loved him. 

     A few years ago, we made friends with a new co-worker of Hubs', and his now wife. They adopted a couple of cats. Then they discovered Munchkins cats. They now have two of them, a male named Samwise, and a female they named Sookie. They have promised me a kitten. 

     Suddenly everything changed. Mr and Mrs W had to move with very short notice. Kind of. See, we all knew it was coming, just not exactly when. So they started getting rid of things, and trying to find homes for two of their cats. They decided it would be too difficult trying to move with four cats. Jade, a really sweet, super timid cat got adopted, but it didn't work out and the man returned her.   

    Fast forward to this past Saturday. We now have three cats. Yup, we took both of their adoptable cats. We all thought Jade would adjust better if she was with Sissy, since they are close. What Hubs and I were worried about was how Ozzy would take the new additions. We really thought he would be aggressive and nasty to his new sisters. 

    Boy were we surprised. Hubs and I set the girls up in my craft room, with a soft blankets for a bed, and their own litter box. Their former mommy and daddy sent us their food and water dishes, as well as their cat condo to give them something familiar in their new home. 

    After a tearful goodbye to Sissy and Jade, the door to the craft room was closed, and we left the girls alone. We figured Ozzy should have a couple of days at least, to smell them under the door, to get used to their smells. We went in a few times that evening to talk to them so they could get to know us. Sissy was friendly quickly, as she already knew us, especially Hubs. She let us pet her. Jade was much more shy. 

    Sissy wanted out of that room pretty quickly. We opened the door, just a little. She laid there in the open doorway. Ozzy was quite the gentleman. He seemed only curious, not aggressive in any way. Hubs and I were shocked. Sissy hissed and growled at him, yet she allowed him to walk past her into the craft room. Oz looked around for a while, nibbled some of their food, then walked back out. 

    When we went to bed, we closed the door again, to avoid any problems that night. Again, Sissy wasn't having any of it. She banged on the door until Hubs got out of bed and opened it. We shrugged and figured they would work it out themselves. 

   It's now the second full day. Yesterday the girls stayed hidden in their room. But so far today, they are more actively exploring their new house. In fact, I woke up to feeling a cat walking up my bed. I opened my eyes and there I was, almost nose to nose with Jade! I said hi to her, but she ran off. They were both in the den a while ago, Jade used Ozzy's litter box, and Sissy ate some of his food. I guess it's only fair, since he ate her food Saturday. 

    Hubs told me that this morning, when he came out to the living room, there was Jade laying near Ozzy on the carpet. I have high hopes that they will all be close friends very soon. 

    I haven't taken any photos yet. Since my laptop crashed a few weeks ago, the program for my camera disappeared. I just haven't tried it yet. You will have to take my word for how gorgeous these cats are. Sissy is a long hair, and is about 2 and 1/2 years old, born on 7/19/12. Her coloring is hard to describe, she has lots of colors, but in general is dark. I love her face, she's one of those cats that always looks grumpy. Her face is a little flattened. 

     Jade is beautiful as well. I had described her as a grey tiger stripe, but after getting a closer look, she isn't. She is light grey, and has a kind of dark stripe down her back, and dark spots that almost look like leopard spots. Lots of little spots. When she walks, they kind of blend together to look like stripes. If that makes any sense. She has white on her face, her belly, the backs of her back legs as well as her front paws. Her tail is striped. And oh yeah, she was born 12/25/12, so she's almost 2. And she has the sweetest face, with great big eyes.  

    I love knowing the exact dates my cats were born. I will keep you all updated on the progress of the blending of our clowder. 

P.S. Jason and Becky, I think we can cancel my request for a Munchkin kitten. I doubt my darling Hubs would have the patience for a 4th cat, even a Munchkin. 

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