Friday, November 8, 2013

A visit with Mom

    Yesterday, I drove down to Fishkill to spend some time with my mom. It was long overdue. I hate to say it, but the price of gas is what really keeps me close to home.

    On the way down, I decided to drive through the village of Wappingers, I haven't driven through there in quite a long time. It looks pretty much the same, except for a few obvious changes. The biggest of course, is the hole left in the row of really old buildings on the main drag, due to the collapse of one of the buildings. I remember hearing about it when it happened. This was the first time I'd seen it.

    I drove past St. Mary's, remembering the times I went to mass there as a kid, with my friend Patty and her family. It was also the place where my best friend Beth got married. Ah, the memories.

    There was Rosemary's Flower Shop, where my parents took little Sara to get her portrait painted. I remember how much she hated the lights shining in her eyes. The artist took photos because she was so young, and worked from those. My mom still has that portrait. I believe it's hanging over her bed.

    I realize I need to really make an effort to see her more. She just had her 81st birthday, and even though she is in excellent health, you just never know. We got to visit for quite a few hours, we talked and talked. As we talked, I got my knitting out and worked on the Elizabeth Zimmermann garter stitch blanket. I'm not halfway done yet. It really is taking forever. Maybe by the time the baby goes off to college...

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