Saturday, November 16, 2013

Recent happenings, crafting and otherwise

    I have been otherwise occupied the past days, I'm afraid. With Hubs still in recuperation mode from his surgery, him being home every day and both of us wanting to kill each other at this point, I'm fighting a never ending battle to stop him from doing foolish, possibly dangerous and definitely not doctor approved things, like work on his truck and ride his motorcycle. At least I got him to wear the hand brace for a solid week. After that he would only wear it at night. I'll take what victories I can get at this point. It's only a couple more days until he sees the doctor and gets his stitches out.

   As well as those battles, we had happy things too. Good friends of ours got married, and we got to celebrate with them last night. We had possibly the best dinner ever at Billy Bob's BBQ, owned by our friend Bill's family, whose son Bob is the chef. We have never eaten there and been disappointed. Highly recommended! We love to support our former co-workers in their successful ventures where we can!

    I have not had much time to knit, but I have been playing with the Rainbow Loom. After watching some more videos on youtube, I attempted the most difficult bracelet I have seen yet. It requires two looms, which I have, and tons of patience and dexterity. I have the patience, and it seems the dexterity too. I was successful making the bracelet! I figured that if a "stupid boy" could make the video, I would be able to handle making the bracelet!
    It's very tricky, as when you finish one loomful of bands, you have to take it off, load the loom again, and out it back on to continue. My bracelet took 2 1/2 sections to make. If I were to make one for Hubs, it would be at least 3 sections.

   My knitting self came out, as I used a stitch holder to hold the partially done bracelet while I loaded the loom back up with rubber bands. My bracelet isn't perfect, as the last black part got twisted when I put it back on the loom. But you can't really see where that is. I also messed up the color sequence on the last section. But again, you don't see it until I point it out.

    And I'm still waiting, impatiently, for this new grandbaby to come. I don't know how that will affect my blogging, I hope I will still have time! I will be babysitting two days a week after Sara goes back to work. It goes without saying, of course, that I'll be there as much as she needs me before that!

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