Friday, May 23, 2014

Napping Baby Photos and Interferring Cat

   Yesterday, I was taking the photos of the circular needles while Owen napped. Friendly cat Nermal was trying to help me. I couldn't get her to stop playing with the needles! I finally got the shots I wanted, although some of them did turn out a bit blurry.

    Anyway, here is what Owen looked like when he was napping!

   I also took a photo of his little hand, as it amused me that he fell asleep with his finger through the ring on his toy.

    And lastly, here is a shot of beloved Nermal, getting in my way while trying to play with the circular needles that I was attempting to photograph!

    She really is the sweetest cat, she's the one who licks my nose and accepted me into their clowder. She is also a magnificent purrer.

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