Friday, October 4, 2013

A Literary Rant

    I am a pretty easy going gal, almost always with a smile on my face for everyone. There are a few things that just plain piss me off. One of these is a bad book. Of course it's just my judgement that it's bad, after all someone somewhere (mistakenly)  thought it was worthy of publishing.

    So far in my life there have been four books that I have deemed totally unworthy of my money and time. The first three I don't remember the names of, but one was written by a best selling author. I read that one while on vacation in the late 70's. I remember we were camping, and when I finally finished reading that awful book, I took the walk down to the lake and threw it in. It was a paperback, so not a huge monetary investment. But I had to force myself to read it, hoping against hope that it would get better. It didn't.

    The second one was about an old German lady who told her life story. That one was awful as well. I remember that when I finished that one, I literally tore it up and threw it away. I was at work, and I remember the looks I got from other people in the break room at the time. It was also a paperback, if that makes any difference.

    The third book I have written about before, the one about the werewolves that was so badly written that I thought it was either written by a child or (very) badly translated from its original language. I never even finished reading that book. In fact I'd like to find it and try reading it again, this time with a highlighter so I can mark all the horrible grammar and literary offenses.

    Those three books were actual paper books, purchased at stores. This newest bad book is on my nook. I thought the cover looked interesting, and the story blurb sounded like it might be as well. I was wrong. I am once again forcing myself to read a book . But when I'm done, I won't be able to have the satisfaction of ripping it up, or throwing it in a lake. The name of this book is The Cambodian Book of the Dead. It's author is a man named Tom Vater. I am currently on page 202 of 259, so I'm nearly finished with it. I did have a thought that maybe my Hubs would like it, so it wouldn't be a total waste. If he does read it, I'll let you know what he thinks of it. 

    I am still knitting on the knitted super secret project. As long as I remember to stretch my shoulder out I remain pain free. YAY!

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