Tuesday, October 1, 2013

And now for some knitting news

    I know I haven't talked about it much lately, but I have been knitting again. The super secret project is coming along. It's been driving me nuts because I was having to do it on 60" circulars, which was cumbersome to say the least. I haven't been able to find any of my other, right size, shorter ones.

    So when I was out with my friend Bonny yesterday, we stopped at Michaels craft store and I picked up a 29" circular, which is just the right size. It's one of the cheapo Boyd ones and when I got it home I prepared to heat some water up to straighten it. When I took it out of the package, lo and behold, it wasn't made with the same old plastic that they used to use. It straightened out all on its own. Huzzah!

    I am going to take some photos of my projects that I've been working on, but I can't post them until after the baby shower next month. You see, my beloved daughter reads this blog. I don't want to give anything away. The shower is on October 27th, so look for the photos that night or the next day.

    Speaking of secret projects, I have some buttons to sew on. I was waiting for the baby's sex to be positively determined. Now that it has, I don't need the pink buttons or pink yarn that was to be used to trim some items. Trust me, they would've looked pretty cool with pink trim and buttons.

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