Saturday, October 19, 2013

It could've gone either way

    My Hubs and I have, over the last few months, taken a liking to our pizza with extra cheese and bacon. It's really good. But after a while, it gets old. We then switched to garlic as a topping. Both with extra cheese and without.

    That was really good too. Tonight, we dared to try a totally new pizza topping combination. Extra cheese, bacon AND garlic. It was a bold choice, and we discussed the fact that it could be either really good or really, epically bad. We decided to chance it, and placed the order.

    After sampling our first slices, we both thought that it wasn't bad. In fact, the more we ate, the better it was.

    I have no idea if we will ever order that particular combination of toppings again, but it worked this time. But we are aware that it could've gone either way...

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