Saturday, October 5, 2013

A spider story

    A few days ago, my Hubs took his motorcycle over to Woodstock Harley Davidson for its 1,000 mile service. He rode, and I drove my Jeep over. It was going to take several hours, and I wanted to keep him company.

   After we got there and he got all signed in, I took his helmet and walked to the Jeep to put in there. As I was setting it down on the seat, I noticed what looked like a stink bug nestled inside, between layers of padding right next to his temple. I was surprised that he had ridden all that way with a stink bug in there! I figured it was dead, so I used my finger to brush it out. It wasn't a stink bug, and it wasn't dead! It was a BIG spider, and I was very glad it didn't bite my Hubs while he was riding! As I sit here now thinking about it, I'm not entirely sure that stupid spider fell OUT of my Jeep. It could still be inside....

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