Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Shameless Plug

    As you know, yesterday I did a craft fair, with my friend Bonny and her daughter Mckenzie. It turns out that Mckenzie has an internet store, where she sells all natural stuff that she makes herself. I purchased one of her lip balms yesterday, and liked it so much I bartered for three more.

    The address of her store is: . I do hereby attest that her lip balms are da bomb. I got three vanilla flavored and one nutella. I understand that lots of people have requested the nutella flavored balms from all major manufacturers. Mckenzie's are fabulous. Use the link and check it out. I believe that she is no longer using beeswax, but switched to soy wax, as the beeswax smell was too strong.

P.S. She ships internationally as well as within the U.S.

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