Sunday, December 1, 2013


    Apologies to all my friends, I've been understandably distracted this week. My new grandson is now 6 days old, and things are going really well at home. His mommy has really impressed me and made me proud. When I was in her position, I was a big, weepy, bag of hormones. She has all her poop assembled, and is handling everything with more grace and dignity than I ever thought possible.

    In the long run, I'm sure that her Hubs is greatly responsible for this. He takes it upon himself to do things like the laundry and dishes, since she is mostly responsible for the feeding of the little guy. She is a real trooper in that department too. She hasn't gotten frustrated or anything. This is one lucky little boy.

   Almost lastly, here is a photo taken by a family member today. This is the first one I've seen of the new little family. My daughter looks beautiful, and still glowing, I think new motherhood agrees with her.

    And for those of you wondering, yes I took my knitting to the hospital, and did knit for a while, while she was in labor. That stupid blanket is still not quite half done.   

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