Monday, September 30, 2013


    About two weeks ago, I read on facebook that my very favorite author, Laurell K. Hamilton, was back from a ComicCon thing. They are not my things, but as a famous best selling fantasy/horror author, she regularly attends those that she can.

    I read in her post that on returning home, they discovered an entire box of limited edition Anita Blake 20th Anniversary T-shirts, and they were selling them at a special price on her website. They had sold out at the event. I was very excited, so I went right to the site and put in my order.

    Now, I prefer a really large T-shirt, I like to be comfortable. I really doubted that they would have any of my requested size in that box of treasures. Every day, I checked my email for the "Sorry, we don't have that size" message. It didn't come and it didn't come. I still checked every day.

    Then almost a week ago, I got an email I wasn't expecting! They had shipped my package! I did the dance of joy, straight out of Perfect Strangers. Now I just had to wait for it to be delivered.

    Last night, I checked the tracking on the package, and it had been delivered to my local post office on Saturday. So this morning, I was there at my post office, even before the window opened, eagerly waiting for my package! Now it's home, and I'm going to wash it today. Here is a front view:

And on the back:

    Those are the titles and years of publication of all the Anita Blake books. I'm now officially in heaven!

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