Thursday, January 9, 2014

A busy but productive week

    It has been a busy week for me, crocheting my Lazy Kim's Cat Toys. I ran out of wooden rings, so I had to go in search of more. Joann's was where I found the last ones, so I went there first. They didn't have any.

    The original version of the cat toy was made with flattish plastic rings that I had bought at Joann's. I had even restocked from there. Then they stopped carrying the stuff with which you make purses. I think they call them findings, like for jewelry. That was when I found the wooden rings.

   They didn't have more at Joann's as I said, but Bonny and I went to Michaels, and they had some!! I bought all three packages they had on the hook. That was 15 wooden rings. I also bought some more of the Sugar 'n Cream cotton yarn, in colors I thought would be pretty as cat toys.

    What do you think?

    All of these toys were made with the Sugar 'n Cream, except the solid brown one, which was Lion Brand Cotton. Sugar 'n Cream, it turns out, uses 100% grown in the USA cotton. I will be putting that on the tags. The Lion Brand Cotton? I'm not sure, it doesn't say on the label.

   I only have one more color to use, red. That was the color I used for the original toy I made for Ozzy, and I was saving it for last. The reason I'm only making one of each color to start is that each one is a different length. I've kept track of what each one's length is, so I can make more of every color after I write out the individual tag for each one. The lengths range from 10 feet to 13 feet, with the majority being 12 feet.

   And yes, this puts my legwarmers on the back burner. The never ending garter stitch baby blanket for Owen is there as well. I hope to get back to them at some point.

    I would like to point out that I use plastic or wood for the toys, not metal, because metal could hurt the kitteh's  teeth when they bite, and their claws too. Even though metal, being heavier, would go further when the toy is thrown. Oh well, safety first.

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