Saturday, January 4, 2014

What I've been up to

    I have been working on my crocheted leg warmers, at least the first one. It's coming along better than I anticipated. I decided to do short rows of ribbing for the top, since it has to be bigger than the ankle part. Every 5 or 6 rib ridges, I do the shirt row thing. It's working out well, the top is now noticeably wider than the bottom. And it's curling around the leg nicely.

    You remember my post about roasting chestnuts? Well, I decided to do it again. I felt that the first batch weren't fully cooked. When peeled, most of them were still pretty white. So I bought more the other day, and today I felt the urge to roast them. My mouth was watering for them.

    I pre-heated the oven, and set to scoring all the nuts, as per the directions I read. When done, I put them in the oven on my Pampered Chef baking sheet, and set the timer for 35 minutes.

    After the time was up, I let them sit for about 10 minutes before I began shelling them. They were still pretty hot, but I was able to handle them. This time, I had much less trouble with the shelling. I'd say that about 90% shelled very easily. The other 10% I had to fight with a little.

   Thanks to my due diligence, there was only one ucky one this time. When I was at the store, I examined each nut to look for splitting or holes. Those are bad, by the way. So I purchased only whole, unblemished nuts this time. Last time, I just grabbed handfuls and tossed them into the bag. Now I know better. I should have read the instructions before buying the nuts.

    Anyway, the nuts are delicious. I have eaten a bunch already. Is there anything tastier than a still warm chestnut? I think not!

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