Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Change of Plans..... Again!

   It happened while I was swatching yesterday. You see, the day before, while looking for my size 8 circular needle, I came upon some Malabrigo sock yarn, in black. I have four hanks, so there's plenty for whatever I want to do with it.

    So there I was, swatching, and suddenly my thoughts wandered to the Malabrigo. Suddenly I wanted to make the legwarmers out of sock yarn. Then they wouldn't be so heavy, but they would still be warm.

    I then searched out my tiny little circulars. Those I have in 16 inch lengths. I found the one I wanted, size 3, and set to work casting on for a swatch. I figured I'd better swatch because I have no idea how many stitches I will need to go around my foot. It quickly became obvious to me that working with a 16 inch needle was not comfortable. I don't have one in a longer length. Then I remembered that I have a set of size 3 double points that are about 10 inches long. I got those out, stuck point protectors on one end of each one, and voila! I had myself a pair of straight needles of the desired size.

    The last thing at this point is light. I forgot that with black yarn, especially black sock yarn, it's difficult to see the stitches unless you have a bright light source. I will have to turn my work light up to the level of the sun. But it's doable. Excuse me, I need to get back to my swatch. Here are some photos:

First up is the ribbed pink swatch progress:

 Second is the black sock yarn swatch:

       Ooooo! I just remembered something that is a great idea, and will totally work with this project!! Like sweater sleeves, I can knit both legwarmers at the same time!! That should eliminate the "second sock syndrome", only with legwarmers.... 
Happy Dance!!

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