Thursday, January 2, 2014

I want my JACKET!

    Since my Hubs got his Harley, I have been fantasy shopping for a nice leather jacket for myself, in the hopes that someday we will ride together. After much searching, I found the perfect one. It was on a website called Here is what it looked like:

    I really loved this jacket. I read all the reviews, and most of them talked about how quickly theirs was delivered, and how you should buy a bigger than normal size. Unfortunately, they were sold out of my size. I therefore asked them to inform me by email when my size was restocked.

    Weeks went by, and no emails came. I went back to the site, and was informed they would no longer be carrying that jacket. I was crushed.

    Fast forward to December 23rd. I decided on a whim to check the site again to see if there was another jacket I might like. And lo and behold, the jacket, MY jacket, was back. Apparently they didn't inform me because it was now $10 more than the last time I saw it. Believe me, it was still worth the money. I told Hubs, and showed it to him. Then we went to bed.

    The next morning, he told me to order the jacket! That was on the 24th. Of course, I never would have expected to get it in time for Christmas, but when we placed the order, they said it should arrive between the 27th and 30th. Perfect! I happily waited for it, and rushed to get the mail on Friday. It wasn't there.

    Hubs checked the tracking, since the notifications were being sent to his email account. My jacket was still in California. It went from Los Angeles to some other city in those three days. For the rest of the weekend, we checked the tracking every evening, and it showed my jacket was "in transit", but with no location. I had no idea where it was! Then finally New Years Eve, there was a city! My jacket made it to somewhere in Pennsylvania. And now it's in transit again. With my luck, it'll be in my Post Office tomorrow, and with this stupid storm I won't be able to go get it.

    I look forward to posting a photo of me, in my new jacket. Or a reasonable facsimile of me, since I am not find of having my photo taken...  But either way, I'll be ready to ride come Spring!

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