Sunday, March 23, 2014

It seems as though the knitting never ends.....

    Sometimes it feels that way. I knit for a while on this project, then knit for a while on that one. I pick up the super boring "no-holes-please" crocheted afghan and work on that for a row or two. That's usually all I can manage in one spurt. Sometimes I get two or even three spurts a day.

    Then along comes this pattern for a felted purse. I purchased it a long time ago, even bought the crocheted version. It's calling to me. It wants me to make it. I even bought some purple wool with which I can make it. I have the pattern out and have read it through at least three times. It's still sitting here, on the table right next to my chair.

    I am thinking that right now, I just have too many projects on the needles and hooks. Something will have to be finished before I can even think about starting another project. I'm trying to be really stern with myself, but I can feel my resolve slipping. I can't tell you how many times I've stopped myself from getting the needle out for the purse.

   Today I've been knitting on the Pi Shawl. I'm on the last section, after the final stitch count increase. Elizabeth Zimmermann says that about forty more rounds and you will think it's big enough. I have a feeling that's not big enough for me.

    I'm currently using a 29 inch circular needle. I was going to move to a 60 inch, but changed my mind because the tips of the longer needle are much more blunt. I prefer the sharper tips, especially for lace weight or sock weight yarn. So I plug along with the huge number of stitches on the shorter needle.

    I needed to write about this today, it's really been bugging me. Hopefully I can stay strong and not give in until I get something, anything, finished. I'm hoping some of you will send me strength. Thanks!

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