Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Shopping success, for the most part (with photos!)

   That's right, I was successful in my shopping yesterday. I found a 36 inch long size 13 circular needle, as well as stitch holders. I also made a jackpot discovery of a package of 45 stitch markers, some of them big enough for at least the size 13 I'm using! A girl can't have too many stitch markers! I also found some great rings for the purse!

    Here is a photo of the short needle with all the stitches on it:

    And now, on the new circular, with the short needle included to emphasize how packed the stitches were! I had to use a point protector just to keep the stitches from falling off...

    The only thing I couldn't find was more wool. Michaels was out of it, so I went to Joann's. They didn't have any either. I'll just have to wait a while and check again.
    After I finished writing this, I was sitting watching TV. I noticed that Doctor Zhivago was on, and it reminded me that that was the Knitting Nazi's favorite movie, and that Lara's Theme was her very favorite piece of music. See, I have good memories of her as well as bad ones!  

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