Saturday, September 7, 2013

a pleasant surprise

    This afternoon, I needed a couple of things at the store. I needed to get bleach, potato hot dog rolls for dinner, and Hubs wanted corn on the cob. As is typical for me, I could not for the life of me remember the third thing I was supposed to get.

    I'm a lot like my dad that way. He used to go to the store for mom, and told her that if there's more than three things, she needed to make a list. It seems for me that my limit is two.

    As I wandered around the store, I eventually remembered the corn. Then I couldn't find it. I must have walked up and down through the whole freaking produce section at least three times, looking for the freaking corn. Finally, on the last trip through, I spotted it. Voila, we had corn.

    I have decided that it's Hubs' job to shuck the corn, since I seem to suck at it. Whenever I do it, there's silk all over the place. So he willingly shucked the corn for me. As he did so, I heard him make a surprised noise. I went in to see what was going on, and in his hand he had a tiny ear of corn. It was inside the husk of one of our ears.

    I took it into the kitchen and opened it, and inside was a tiny ear of corn. I laid it next to the others and took a photo:

Then we completely shucked it and took another photo.
    It was almost like getting a double burger when you only ordered a single. Isn't this good luck or something?

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