Saturday, September 21, 2013

Baby bootie, take II

    Today I had to take the Hubs' truck in to have the windshield replaced. He had to work unexpectedly, so I got to take it for him. It just so happens that the glass place is right across the road from Michaels craft store.

   So I left early, and went to Michaels first. I wanted to buy some new yarn for the crocodile stitch baby booties. I found some nice dark grey Patons Kroy Sock yarn. It will work. Of course, I was done waaaay before my scheduled appointment time. I drove over there, and figured I'd just have to wait.

    It turns out that they could so the windshield right away! In fact the guys were thrilled that I was so early. I guess the earlier they get their appointments done, the earlier they can go home.

   While I was waiting, I was reading on my nook. But that new yarn was calling to me. I had brought everything I would need in case I decided to crochet instead of reading. I had three hooks, sizes D, E and F, a scissor, four lockable stitch markers, a pencil, and the pattern. I even brought the first bootie sole I made to compare the new one to.

    I completed the first sole while I was waiting. The last thing to do on it was to single crochet all around the edge of the sole, using 50 stitches. I only managed 47. I still might rip that last round out and do it over. But I don't see any places to put three more stitches.

    That's the photo I took of both soles. The first one from yesterday, and the one I just did today. That is the same dime, by the way. Why oh why do babies have to be so freaking tiny?                                                                                                                

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