Sunday, September 29, 2013

Summer of 1989, a non-knitting story

    I remember that summer, I was pregnant with my youngest child, Jesse. That summer Hubs and I hung out with his co-worker and his wife, who was also pregnant. They were friends with another couple who were also expecting.

    The six of us spent some time together that summer. After all, we were all expecting. We had cookouts, attended the same parties, even spent a day at a family cabin together.

    We all had boys, I believe ours was born last. The thing that I find most amusing is that these three boys, who are now grown men, are all still friends. I asked Jess if he realized that he's been friends with these two since before they were all born. He thought that was pretty cool. He mentioned it to Don and Dylan. They hadn't known about that.  How often does that kind of thing happen, I wonder?

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