Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Crafting Updates

     In the last few days, I've made some good progress on the crocheted super secret project. I think I've done at least 7 or 8 rows. That's quite a bit on this project. It's going to be half done soon!

    Today I was feeling particularly brave, so I picked up the knitted super secret project and actually knit 4 rows on that one. I decided to try and knit since my shoulder is feeling lots better, as long as I keep remembering to stretch it out at least twice a day. I am even able to sleep in my left side again, without too much pain or discomfort!

    But the bestest crafting news I have today is that I received a request from a very good friend who wants to crochet those blasted crocodile stitch baby booties for me. Many thanks to Kim, who is very brave. I took her all the yarn I had, the pattern, and an assortment of (tiny)hooks to try for gauge. HA. She's like me, she doesn't like doing gauge swatches. At the last minute I remembered that the pattern calls for some locking stitch markers and since I wasn't sure she had any, I sent those too.

    I keep forgetting that not all the baby stuff needs to be for the baby shower next month. Christmas is coming too! Hmmm..... now the ideas are really flowing.....


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