Saturday, September 14, 2013

I'm a little confounded

    One of the times my beloved Hubs I traveled to Woodstock Harley Davidson, he bought me this shirt.

     I have been wearing it as a house shirt. The first time I wore it, I felt something itchy inside it, on my skin. As with most clothes, there's a care label sewn into the side seam. The difference with this one? Here are two photos I took of it.

    The difference in this one is that it's in EIGHT languages. I counted. Some of them I recognize, the rest I don't. I just thought it was interesting. The tag is a long loop, with the eight languages printed on it. Hence the two photos showing both sides. Needless to say I will be cutting the tag off. Maybe I'll keep the English laundering instructions, as it's the first one listed on the tag.

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