Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Back to knitting!

    That's right, I'm finally back to knitting. Hubs and I had a glorious weekend together, including a very nice dinner out, and he's now gone back to the land of the MASS-holes. Seriously, people say New York drivers are bad, they have clearly never tried to get out of a parking lot in Mass-hole land where the drivers on the main road completely block the exit, during their own RED LIGHT, and won't let anyone out. At least we stop for red lights and let people trying to get on the road actually get on the road. OK, rant over.

    I'm so glad to be knitting again. As much as I miss Hubs, it's really nice to have some alone time. I can imagine that eventually it will get really old. Then I'll be very glad to see him by the time he comes home! It kind if make me sad that I can't travel with him this time, but at least I get to spend two days a week with little Owen. Although I didn't get to last week because of all the snow. I can't wait to see him this week!

    There are no photos today of my progress on my legwarmers, you'll just have to trust me. I'm getting ready to increase again, 12 more stitches. I've been doing to it with the backwards half-hitch thing, I think it's called, but this time I'm gonna knit through the front then the back of the same stitch. It's a little faster. Sometimes I'm all about efficiency.


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