Thursday, May 23, 2013

Being ready for anything

    You know how, when you go somewhere that you might have to wait, you take a book, or your latest craft project? And because you have something to do, you never have to wait? Those are about the only times I think ahead.

    But you know how sometimes, you are living in a strange series of events, over which you have no control? And you find yourself somewhere you have never been, in a situation you never imagined? Well, that happened to me. I was ready; I had my crochet/knitting project with me. But where we went that day had totally inadequate parking. People were parking on the side of the road. And there were cones, and signs up, warning people not to park in front of their house or business.

    So Hubs got dropped off at this particular place of business, and I drove his truck up the road a little bit, to an empty parking lot, of an empty business. I parked in the back of the building, so as not to attract any unwanted attention. Shortly after I parked, and started crocheting, I realized that along side the lot was a road. And after a little while, it became clear that it was a pretty busy road, for being out in the middle of nowhere.

    That's when I started thinking, and imagining all sorts of things. My biggest concern was that a local resident, having traveled on this road a few times, and seeing a strange and unfamiliar vehicle parked near it for a while, would call the police. Eventually they would come, so I started thinking about what I would say to the nice officer.

    That was how I occupied myself as I sat in that spot for more than an hour that day, as I waited ever so patiently for Hubs to come back. Because, if you are ready for the situation, you probably won't have to face it. I had several versions of what I would say, ready to be said. But the police never did come.

    It seems that Hubs might be right, that my mind works in strange ways. But I was ready, and if I ever need a story for the police, about why I am where I am, I'll still be ready!

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  1. One of the things I remember from Social Studies Classes billions and billions of years ago is, "Forewarned is forearmed". It always stuck with me even though I don't always follow that suggestion. I am determined this year to pack ONLY ONE project for the traveling we will have to do. And maybe some books. We have been on the road 9 hours and I have had up to 6 projects. Ridiculous. Of course, some were for after we got there but I found NONE were ever used!. I can't help it. I always have emergency knitting or something.