Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I'm knitting today / Random stuff

    That's right, I'm knitting today. Even though I am not feeling all that well, I want to get this darn cat bed done. Here is a photo I took just moments ago!

    The black and gray mix is the round crocheted bottom, and the solid gray is the sides. I'm going to knit as far as I can with the yarn I have, to make it as deep as I can. Hopefully Ozzy will like it. Right now, it's huge. After it's felted, it should be just the right size for my fat cat.

    I decided to take it outside, for better light. Just my luck, as I go out the front door, it starts to rain. So I just threw the bed on my stoop, and snapped a photo before anything got too wet.

    Our stoop is actually one big rectangle of stone. It was someplace else when we moved in, and there were just cement blocks being used as steps up to the front door. Hubs made a frame and poured cement in, then placed the big stone in. It's a good stoop.

    Totally off topic, but I'm missing one eyebrow again. Damn Alopecia. Why only one eyebrow? Last time this happened, I lost quite a few eyelashes as well. I need to find someone to wax off the other eyebrow, so I don't look ridiculous for too long. Last time, my friend Bonny did it, but she's currently battling a bad case of poison ivy on her face and hands. Don't think I want her touching me right now.


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