Friday, May 10, 2013

My Lilac is Blooming!

    Last year for Mother's Day, Hubs went out and got me three little lilac bushes. I had been asking for lilacs for  y e a r s, they are my favorite flower. We planted two on the hill in the back yard, and I had him put Miss Kim in the front, on the far side of the yard, where she would get lots of sun.

   This year, to my delight, Two of the three bushes are showing signs of blooming! Miss Kim is behind the other one, but she does have buds. One of the ones on the hill is blooming nicely! I took the camera down a little while ago, and shot a few photos of them. And here they are for your viewing pleasure!


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  1. I adore lilacs and remember them from when I lived in Maine at my grandparent's house. Do you think they would grow for me here? I think I am zone 6. Do they need full sun? Everything near the house is full shade. I am where NC, TN, and GA come together.