Wednesday, May 15, 2013


    I really do prefer simplicity in my patterns, be they crochet or knit. By simplicity, I mean all instructions are clearly written, in order, and easy to follow. I dislike having to think, or figure out what to do next. I craft to relax, and if I have to think about something, or try to figure a pattern out, I can't relax.

    I have reached the point with the skull shawl at which I must think about it too hard. I have attached the eyes in the second section of skulls. At this point, in order to continue, I need to have three or four pages of the pattern spread out in front of me, and interpret what I think the designer intends. And not even using the words, but the photos to do so. That's just too darn much work. I have lost interest in this project for now.

     And here is a photo of the pattern sheets I need to keep referring to!

    However, my beloved and insane feline friend Ozzy has taken a liking lately to the felted bags I made. I keep finding him trying to curl up inside them. And since I've been using them as project bags, he's usually on top of yarn. So I've decided to make him a bed based on the bag. Bigger base, and shorter sides, with no handle. Something easy and mindless. I had some black and some gray wool in my stash, so I'm using them together. Simplicity at its finest. Maybe now I can relax.

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