Friday, May 17, 2013

The Smell of Lilacs

    Yesterday I noticed that there were more than a couple of awesome blooms on one of my lilac bushes. I was very happy to see that, since they were only planted last year, and I was given to understand that it may take several years for them to bloom. So that one must be really happy.

    A little while ago, I took my scissors, went out there and cut four branches with blooms on them. There are still two more left on the bush. I wanted to cut them because a couple of them were heavy enough to droop pretty badly.

    I brought them in, and put them in a vase with some cold water. They are in the kitchen, and very quickly I noticed something. When the wind blows in the open kitchen window, it blows the lilac smell through out the rest of the house! Lilac is one of my favorite scents. The other flower scent I like is Lily of the Valley. Mom used to grow them many years ago.

    So I sit here, happily waiting for Hubs to come home, and smelling my lilacs. It's getting a bit late, and Hubs told me he would call me when go finally got on the road. I'm sincerely hoping that he didn't call just so he can surprise me. But I'm thinking more that he got held up at training.

    I got to crochet this morning at Stitch n Bitch. I had to bring it up, I haven't talked about a project in a while. Ozzy's bed is coming along. It turned out that Kim and I were alone this morning. We had a nice breakfast and she knitted, while I crocheted. Any time I get to have bacon, I am a happy woman.


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