Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Miss Kim Blooms!

    My Hubs sent me a text message as he took his truck down the driveway to empty some stuff out of it. It read - "Miss Kim has flowers!". I ran outside to look at her.

   And indeed, she had bloomed! After several days of rain, the May lilacs arrived! I ran back inside and grabbed the camera, then ran back outside to snap a few photos.


     It's hard to see in this photo, but closed, they are a light purple, and when they're open the blooms are white.  Then I went downstairs, and checked the other bush. The one with the Russian name I can't remember. She has blooms too! Only two, and they are a darker purple. Here they are:

    The second one is a bit blurry because the branch was swaying in the breeze. I'm so thrilled that they have all bloomed. And after only one year in the ground. It was worth waiting twenty four years for!

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