Sunday, May 5, 2013

New Projects!

    I have two new projects in the works! That's right, along with the two I have started already. And for me, four isn't bad, I've had a great deal more than that going at once in the past. I guess I have crafting ADD.

    So I started a new shawl project I saw on facebook. I like it, it's all skulls, and it's crocheted! The only problem is that the pattern is originally written in Danish, I think. The only other pattern I have that was in another language, the entire pattern was in that language, then further down the page, the entire pattern was written in English. So I could only print out the English version. This one, however, is different. Each row has a photo to go with it, and is written first in Danish then in English. So the fracking pattern is like 30 pages long to print out!

    But it's coming along nicely. I am at the part of the first skull where I have to attach the eyes, which are made separately. I'm putting it off, because I'm doing it in black, and I'm afraid I might have a hard time finding the right stitches they are talking about, for the attaching, because the black yarn makes it hard to see.

     When I get further along, I will post photos. As for the other project, it's another secret. It's also crocheted. My hands hurt now; it's been a while since I've crocheted so much. Maybe it's time for a skip day.  

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