Thursday, May 9, 2013

Visit to the Watchpital

    I got the call yesterday afternoon, my watch was ready. I was so excited! I couldn't get all the way down there before they closed, but I did go this morning. I took it to mom's as she requested. She wanted to see it. She's so happy that I like it, and she thinks that her grandmother is watching from heaven and is very pleased.

    While I was there, I wound it and set the time. Later on, when I got home, I looked at it. It still said 11:30. We paid money to get the antique watch fixed, and it doesn't work. Hubs told me to reset it, and we'd wait and see. An hour later, and it still had the time on it that I had set it to. Bummers.

    So Hubs called the watch guy, and told him the watch doesn't work. He wants me to bring it back. It's too far to go all the way back there today. Maybe I'll take it on Saturday, when my kids are taking my mom and me out for lunch. We'll have to drive right past the place. Keep your fingers crossed!! In the meantime, here is the long overdue photo:

   I did take a few on my wrist, but they didn't come out too well. The flash reflected too much on the face. More than the photo above! So hopefully, in the end, my great grandmother's watch, that is over 100 years old, will actually work. Then she'll really be smiling.

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