Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Legacy

    Last night, as we lay in bed, Hubs and I had a discussion. I had mentioned that I had been thinking about my kids, and how I have twisted them. I believe it's in a good way, as they are all superior adults.

    I was worried about their children. I don't see my two current grandbabies very much, and the other two of my kids don't have any babies yet. But my beloved Hubs pointed out what he referred to as the Ripple Effect. My twisted kids will twist the kids they come into contact with. And that could be a lot of little ones, as one of my kids is a pre-school teacher, and one is a karate instructor.

    I know for a fact that Sara, the pre-school teacher, has been sharing her twistedness with her charges for years. She gets them to call her "Your Majesty", and even teaches some to play backgammon. I'm sure there are many other little things that she does in her class and her life that just shout about how I twisted her.

    Jess the karate instructor, on the other hand, has a much stricter environment in which to twist the young minds. But I'm pretty sure he does what he can.

    My older son James may not be as twisted as his siblings, as I wasn't involved in his upbringing, due to his being totally removed from my life at an early age. It's very painful to talk about, so that's all I'm going to say. But, he also is around children. He is a school bus mechanic who also drives routes when needed. And how many of us have school bus drivers that we have memories of? I know that I do!

    And that's what my legacy is. My twisted parents twisted me, and I twisted my kids. I can only hope that they, in turn, twist their own kids too! I feel so much better now that it has been confirmed that I have indeed made a difference in this world.

    Not to even mention all the friends that have witnessed my twistedness over the years, and stayed my friends anyway. Love to you all!

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