Monday, November 5, 2012

A Tale of Sore Legs

    It seems that standing for hours at a time is difficult for me. At least I get to walk around a bit, which helps a lot. My new job is part time, four hours a day, each Saturday and Sunday. I am having a good time with it, even though I end up in pain.

    Today is usually the day I spend recovering. But I decided to go out with my friend to Michaels and a few other places. Of course I had to walk. So now, my legs hurt all over again. It was worth it though, I enjoy spending time with Bonny.

    I came home and sorted socks, as I promised Hubs I would, I have yet to do any dishes. It still hurts to stand up. I need to start some more laundry, too... but that involves going down and then up the stairs. Not fun at all. But I'll probably get to it later on.

    I am also working on my bucket bag when I can. I did a few rounds last night, and more this morning. No new photos yet.

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