Friday, November 16, 2012

Something New, Part I

    Tonight, I will be doing something new. I am a bit nervous about it. You see, my beloved Hubs is an avid bow hunter. At one point, I expressed an interest, not in the hunting, but in the shooting of the bow. I thought it was something we could do together. When it's not hunting season, he shoots in leagues, and at targets for fun.

    That year, he went out and spent lots of money on a special left handed bow for me, as well as arrows, and a case. We went target shooting a couple of times. I wasn't very good, and got discouraged. Well, at his bow club, there is a newer member who is giving a class for beginning shooters. Hubs has talked me into attending tonight's class.

   I don't even have to bring my own bow, the club has enough for everyone to use. I am excited about it, but also nervous. At least I'll be with other newbies, and hopefully won't be too shy. I might even make some new friends!

    Later on, after the class tonight, I will write part II to let you know how it went.

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