Thursday, November 1, 2012

In Which I Start a New Project

    During the hurricane, it again occurred to me that I wasn't working on any particular project. All I was doing was listening to the TV while playing mahjong on my laptop. I decided that I needed to be making something, so I went stash diving. I found some pretty Malabrigo I had forgotten all about, two balls of purple, colorway Uva, and several of colorway Plena. I will only need one of those.

    I thought I'd start another felted bucket bag, and those yarns will look nice together. This time I'll write it down, as I do it, so I can present the pattern for those who wish to use it. I start, as before, with a crocheted circle for the bottom.

   Also this time I shall take photos of the progress, as well as before felting measurements. I hope. We all know that measurements when felting are kind of flexible.

    I started on Sunday evening, I believe, and got the bottom of the bag done on Monday. Here's a photo of the bottom, not complete yet:

     I finished the bottom, then picked up the stitches with a circular knitting needle. I knew I wanted to do this one differently than the first one; I wanted a row or two of contrasting color at the start of the body, so I picked up with the 2nd color, and then knit a row. After switching back to color 1, this is how far I had gotten as of yesterday afternoon:

     I am planning a nice, wide stripe of color 2 further up the body. When I get there, I will take a photo or two, and make sure I update you all!

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