Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Here's My List

    Most of this month, some of my facebook friends have been listing, day by day, things they are thankful for. One thing, each day. I read them, and wonder what I would write if pushed into it. I mean, seriously, doesn't "life" just about cover it?

So I thought I would sit down and try to come up with a list of some sort.

1. Of course, my Hubs has to come first. He came along at just the right moment in my life. He's one of the reasons I believe in a higher power, whatever you want to call it. I like to think it's the Universe looking after me.

2. My kids come next. All three grew up to be good people, despite having me as a mother. Even though one didn't have me for most of his childhood.

3. I am very thankful for my friends. I've had many over the years, some for longer than others, but all were important to me, and taught me what they were sent to teach me. I hope.

4.  The only other thing I can think of that might be relevant, is BEEF. In elementary school, my youngest child's class one year made turkeys by outlining their hands spread on a piece of paper. Then they made feathers out of construction paper, and wrote on them, things they were thankful for, and glued the feathers onto the turkey. On the pinkie feather, my baby had written BEEF. He was thankful for beef. We still laugh about that one.

May you all have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!  Remember to tell those you love that they are important to you.

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