Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Next Project Started

    After an absolutely awesome, solid night of uninterrupted sleep, I got up again just before my alarm went off. After I got home, I had a really good cup of chocolate coffee, then decided to go back to bed. The coffee is half-caff, so I was able to get some more sleep.

    I got up again at about 12:30! After helping Hubs put new ink cartridges in the computer, I took some photos of the new bucket bag I started yesterday. I thought it was going to be so much bigger than the last one, but after measuring it, the stupid circle is only one inch bigger. I am using a smaller hook, as well as smaller needles this time.

    So yeah. I made this circle 13 rounds this time, but using the smaller J size hook is probably why it's only an inch bigger. I am also using a size 10.5 circular needle. Here's a photo of me progress so far, I like how stripey it is.

    If you see my daughter by any chance, tell her I am working on finding the yarn for her Hubs' mitts....

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