Thursday, November 15, 2012


    There I was, knitting away, at the end of the first of three skeins of Paton's wool. All the same colorway, I might add. I attach the new skein, and start knitting again. After a few rounds, I notice something. 10 points to the first one to comment on the photo:

   Yup, that's right. The 1st skein had tan in it, bottom of photo, and the 2nd doesn't, top of photo. It has gray. I actually like the 2nd one better. I checked the 3rd, and it has tan in it again. I didn't even notice when I bought them. They all looked the same to me.

    So this bag is gonna have a strange looking stripe in the middle. Oh well. The colorway was Wedgewood. I couldn't find a dye lot on any of them. If I was making a sweater, I'd be really pissed. But it's just a felted bag, so it'll just add some interest.


  1. Great attitude! I like the second one better, too!

  2. Thanks. After all, what are you gonna do? I'm NOT gonna frog the whole thing!