Sunday, November 25, 2012

On to New Projects / An Awesome Dinner

    I think it's past time to start the promised fingerless gloves for my bestest son-in-law. Tomorrow, when I can walk again, I will go through my stash and hopefully find an appropriate yarn. I will then sit and crochet them until they are done!! On this you have my solemn vow.

    This weekend was fun at work. We were really busy and I like that. It's fun to talk to lots of people. It was hard for me to open up at first, and just do it, but now it's much easier. I'm even finding myself smiling and saying hello to people in the grocery store! I get some weird looks. It's OK, it makes me laugh.

   After my little four hour shift, I stopped at the grocery store, to get some stew beef. It was chilly outside, and I just knew it was a good soup day. So now, the soup is cooking, and the house smells terrific. Gotta love the smell of a good home made soup! (even if it does come from the Awesome Store!) I'm making my Hubs' favorite, the vegetable barley, I add my own beef. I also add a few other things, like a small can of corn, and about two tablespoons of honey. You can add anything you like!



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