Thursday, November 22, 2012

My List, Part II

    Yesterday, I had a wicked brain freeze and couldn't think of anything else to add. Last night, it finally loosened up, and ideas flooded back in. So here's a continuation of my list:

5. Sheep. I am thankful that sheep have wool, and that someone figured out how to harvest the wool, and turn it into yarn.

6. I am very thankful for all of our Servicemen and women, past and present, who sacrifice so much to keep us safe. My dad was in the Air Force, during the Korean War, you'd think I would have remembered that earlier...

7. Even though we have our aches and pains, I am thankful that we are relatively healthy.

8. And I am thankful that I found a part time job. It gets me out of the house, meeting and interacting with new people. We all need to expand our horizons, or we get into a rut.

9. My parents probably should have been higher on the list, but I am very thankful for both of them. They taught me a lot, and provided the secure base for me to build my life on.

10. Lastly, I am thankful for our empty nest. It means that the hardest, most crucial, part of being parents in done. We have taught the kids what we can, and have set them free on an unsuspecting world. They are functioning adults, and able to take care of themselves. It's our time now, Goddess help us....

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