Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Today's Doings

    Today was a nice day, spent for the most part with Hubs. We watched TV in the morning, then he went to the garage to try and fix the generator. He was unsuccessful, so he came up and looked up "generator repair shops" on google.

   He found one, relatively nearby, and the woman on the phone was very pleasant, and helpful. Since the generator is very heavy, he had to ask Jesse to come by and help him put it in the truck bed. Then we were off to the repair shop.

    He had talked this morning about going to Kingston, which means visiting Sam's Club. But after dropping the generator off, he just wanted to shower, have lunch and relax. So we did. Perhaps we can visit Sam's sometime over the weekend.

    I haven't crocheted much today, I have no excuses. But I will get more done by Saturday, when I will be seeing Sara, and going to her house. I want to get an idea of the size of the thumb hole, which is best done in person. Hopefully her Hubs will be around for that.

    I can now feel the holiday spirit rising in me. It hasn't in a long time. I finally got to discuss with Hubs the family dinner arrangements. Since Christmas is so early in the week this year, we will have our dinner the weekend before the holiday, instead of after. Hopefully everyone will be able to make it.

    Let the shopping begin! Actually, I have started. There's one gift that's on it's way to me. I ordered it on cyber Monday. Yup, I participated, for once. But I refused to leave my house on Black Friday. I wouldn't even go to the mall to pick up my paycheck. I will go this Friday, though, and get both.

May the Spirit of Christmas fill your life!

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