Tuesday, November 27, 2012

No Photos Today

   It's been snowing here, and I went outside with the camera to take some snow shots. After maybe three or four photos, the low battery light came on, and then the camera died. Don't you think I might like a bit more warning than five seconds?

    I was also going to take a photo or two of my crocheting progress on the fingerless gloves. Now I can't do that either. I worked until it got too dark last night, then did some while hanging with the Cherub this morning. I can't work as long as I used to, my hands get sore. I guess I'm not as used to it as I once was. Knitting is easier on the hands than crochet.

    Hubs decided to go out hunting in the snow, he hopes it will make the deer more active. None of his friends have even seen a deer this season. So he will sit there until he freezes, then come home and want me to warm him up. I can do that, I'm good at it.

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