Monday, November 19, 2012

Promised Photos

   So today, I broke down and took some of the photos I promised you. Hubs and I were going to have a lazy day, and not even get out of bed, but that didn't work out. He's gone hunting until dark, so I have the afternoon to myself.

    First up is the photo of my knitting progress.

   This morning, the Cherub asked me why I keep making bucket bags. I told her it's like her mom making shawl, after shawl, after shawl. It's what my crafty muse is telling me to make! Sometimes we crafters are helpless to resist.

    Then we have the photo of my archery target.

   And just for giggles, I took a photo of Ozzy, the crazy talking cat.

    He doesn't seem to enjoy having his photo taken, at all. He never looks very happy in any of them. But he is very talkative and very soft, even if he isn't a very big cat.

    Enjoy the day, everyone!

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