Wednesday, July 17, 2013

a bunch of stuff, some of it random

    1. I did the long hot drive down to Fishkill this morning, and hung out with my mom. We were going to do lunch, but she didn't feel up to it. So we hung out and talked and ate ice cream cones. In air conditioning.

    2. On the way home I stopped to visit friends, who showed off their adorable new kitteh. He's a Munchkin, a breed I'd never heard of before. Absolutely adorable. I want one. They are smaller than regular cats, and have little wiener dog legs. How cute is that? I really, really, really want one now. They plan to breed theirs, and maybe we can get one of the kittens. These cats are the cutest thing I have ever seen.

    3. After that visit, I proceeded to drive home, stopping at predetermined points to run errands. I was headed north after the first of these when my brakes started acting funny. It was like the right front brake wouldn't let go completely. After a short think, I stopped at a shopping plaza and called the Hubs. He had warned me it could happen. He couldn't leave work, but advised me to let it sit for a while and cool off. Maybe it would let go enough for me to drive some more. I did that, although how much can it cool off when it's nearly 100 degrees outside and there's nowhere shady to park?

    3.5. I finally got home, three hours after I left mom's. I had to stop three times all together. Not too bad. The last time was pretty close to home, so I didn't have to stay too long at the cigar store.

    4. As soon as I got home, I put on my bathing suit, and headed to the pool. I was dying to get cool. I finally got there! It took a while, but I'm cooled off now.

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot! Before I went to mom's I stopped Michaels for YARN. They didn't have the yarns I wanted either. I was unhappy. And of course there's no one around to ask about it. So I bought substitute yarns. And while I was at mom's I cast on both arm warmers on the same circular needle, and knit a few rows.

   While I was down at the pool, I was thinking about a former LYS we had in Poughkeepise, it was called Yarns Needles and Hooks. Now to me, that "S" on the end of the word YARN is unnecessary. I believe that like the word Deer, Yarn is plural as well as singular. Think about it, and let me know if you agree.

    P.S. I am happy to be knitting again, even if it's not with Jiffy. I got me some Loops and Threads Charisma, a nice bulky weight acrylic yarn. It's knitting up nicely.  I'll get some photos posted soon.

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