Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Swimming with frogs

     In all the years we've lived in this house and dealt with the pool, we have had uncountable numbers of frogs in the pool. We've had snakes in there, and a few dead baby rabbits, moles and mice. One year we even rescued a small possum who was still alive. We did what we could, he wouldn't really let us handle him, but we left him in the sun to dry and hopefully wander off safe and sound.

   But it's frogs we usually deal with most. I love swimming with the frogs. We amuse ourselves by trying to rescue them, because they will get tired and drown eventually. Until this year, I would have said that the frogs always try to get away from us when we try to rescue them. I speak for both of us when I say we'd rather rescue a live frog than find a dead one floating in the skimmer basket.

    This year seems to be different. I have rescued only two frog so far, but one of them I rescued three times! And what astounds me is that he actually swam right up to me, and didn't try to get away. He let me rescue him, and put him gently on the pool surround facing the lawn.

    The second one I rescued was today, and he also let me take him out of the water. He didn't swim right to me, but he didn't swim frantically away either. The first frog was pretty big, and I knew it was the same one three times. I recognized him. I even asked him why he jumped in our pool again. The one today was smaller.

    It makes me think the big one was the Frog King, and when I saved him not once, but three times, he told the other frogs not to fear me, that I wouldn't hurt them. Or is just my imagination? ? ?

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